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   Chapter 1880 Sheryl's Reminder

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"Doctor, when is Melissa going to wake up?" Leila acted as if she was deeply worried for Melissa.

The doctor sighed before answering, "Ms. Zhang, we can't say for sure. After all, Ms. Shen's health condition has been deteriorating. It's up to her. She needs a strong will. She needs to want to wake up. Otherwise, there's nothing much we can do..."

The doctor tried his best to comfort the seemingly concerned Leila.

She felt her heart jump for joy when the doctor said that Melissa's chances of waking up were low. On the outside, she made it seem like she was upset. She even managed to get a few tears out.

The doctor had no idea that Leila was just acting.

"Ms. Zhang, miracles still do happen. You never know. Maybe, tomorrow's the day she wakes up..." A doctor's job was to save lives. However, there were just circumstances that they couldn't control. At the end of the day, all they could do was try their best and wait for a miracle.

Soon, Leila burst into more tears. She was frantically sobbing now.

After a while, she calmed down. Wiping away her tears, she put on a bashful smile and apologized to the doctor, "I'm sorry that I got so emotional."

"No worries. You should go now. Please, take good care of Ms. Shen. If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to ask us."

"Okay! Thank you so much, doctor!" Leila said then excused herself and walked out of the doctor's office.

The moment she shut the door, a triumphant smile crept onto her face.

In the Cloud Advertising Company, a discussion was taking place.

"Ms. Zhao, is Ms. Xia really going to leave?" Phoebe couldn't believe what she had just been told.

Everything was happening too fast, and she wasn't ready for any of it.

Rolling her eyes at Phoebe, Isla answered, "Do you think that I would lie to you?


"Do you think that I'm a kid? This is between Sheryl and Charles. This is none of my business, so I'm not meddling. I assure you that I'm not going to talk to Charles!" Isla was easily able to see right through Phoebe, so she answered her as she deemed fit.

"Well, you've got that right, Ms. Zhao." Scratching her head, Phoebe put on a bashful smile.

Nodding to Phoebe, Isla said, "All right. Let's go down together. It's late now. You should go home now too!"

"Okay, Ms. Zhao!"

Phoebe packed her stuff, and then she went downstairs with Isla.

When they reached the ground floor, Isla saw Josef waiting. Smiling, Isla raised her chin and teased, "Hey, Josef, you're picking Phoebe up again?"

"Isla, stop teasing me!" Grinning, Josef walked towards the two of them.

"All right. I won't disturb you two. I'll go first. Take good care of Phoebe. Okay?" Isla reminded Josef solemnly

"Of course. I'll take care of her!" Josef swore to Isla and saw her off.

Then Phoebe and Josef got into Josef's car.

"What's wrong?" Phoebe noticed the unusually serious look on Josef the moment she saw him. She figured something had happened, so she asked him about it the minute they were alone.

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