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   Chapter 1879 Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

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Inside Shining Company's Secretary Department

Wade sighed as she hung up the phone. "Leila's so lucky President Lu let her off the hook. Added to that, she's going to be the wife of the chairman!"

Wade pouted her lips as she complained, full of jealousy.

The girl opposite her looked around the room for anyone who might have heard and, seeing no one, signaled Wade to lower her voice. "Since you already know Leila's marrying your boss, don't you think you should be more careful about what you say about her?"

Her words seemed to shock Wade back to her senses. She looked around cautiously and sighed in relief when she saw no one was around.

"Oh, my God, thanks for reminding me!" Wade's eyes widened. "I forgot the walls have ears...Since Leila's getting bolder now, she must have a lot of men secretly working for her." Though thinking about it didn't make her feel scared or uncomfortable. Leila was not any better than her, so why should she have to work under her? Life was so unfair!

"Don't be jealous," the other girl chided. "Neither of us can do what Leila did, so we just have to be careful from now on." Being a secretary like Wade, she didn't understand it either, but she didn't dare to say more about it. She knew, after all, that they couldn't jump to conclusions yet. If she did or said anything rash now, it would come back to bite her in the future.

Outside the department, the silhouette that had lingered a while ago immediately left as the two girls ended their conversation.

Counting to five, David pretended to pass by the Secretary Department on his way to Charles' office and looked inside.

As usual, the people inside saluted David when they saw them.

He eyed the two gossiping girls and said nothing, but his hard gaze was e

believe. He purposefully showed them his vulnerable side as it was only in this way that he would be able to reveal everything.

At the hospital

Ever since the news about Charles and Sheryl's divorce broke, people started sucking up to Leila.

And while most of them had thought that Leila was up to something when Charles had been gone, they couldn't do anything since Charles trusted her.

They all guessed that she would be Charles' wife. And it was with this thought in mind that they visited Melissa in the hospital with the intention to show off their positions to Leila.

Just one afternoon had passed, and Leila already loved all the attention she was getting.

After everyone had left, Leila glanced at the comatose Melissa. She feared that if Melissa were to wake up now, it would mess up her plans and destroy everything she'd work for up to this moment.

When a nurse came in to change Melissa's IV bag, Leila went out of the room to talk to Melissa's doctor.

Knock! Knock!

"Yes, come in!"

Drawing a deep breath, she pushed the door open. She had felt nervous before, but as she stepped in, she felt her heart drop, and her worry grew twice as much.

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