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   Chapter 1878 The Divorce.

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"Thank you!" Sheryl said and gave a cordial nod to David before taking her seat in the car. Sheryl looked much more polite and distant with David now.

David felt this sudden formal behavior was very uncomfortable. He wanted to say something to Sheryl. But after quite some time of indecisiveness and hesitation, he could not make out where to begin. So he gave up.

Soon David drove Sheryl to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Sheryl looked at the marriage certificate in her hand. It would be replaced with a divorce certificate soon. Sheryl's heart became heavy, and she could not hold her tears anymore. Sheryl quickly wiped the tears as they started to slide down her beautiful face. She tried to act tough as she told herself that the man was not worth her tears.

"Ma'am, we have arrived," David called out to Sheryl when he saw that she was still sitting with her head down and did not even notice that the car had stopped outside the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Fine. Thank you." Sheryl got off the car briskly, as if she was mentally prepared for the divorce.

Charles had been waiting for them for a long time. Sheryl walked in with her head lowered as if she was completely detached from her surroundings. Naturally, she did not notice that there was no one here besides Charles and herself in the entire Civil Affairs Bureau.

Anger had already gotten the better of Sheryl. She took a look at Charles and spoke to him angrily, "I just want my two kids. I can give up everything else. Just finish it off as soon as possible!"

"Fine! Let's just get it done!"

Charles also looked indifferent, and he did not even try to persuade Sheryl to give it a second thought. It was as if all of this fuss had nothing to do with him.

Sheryl tried with all her might to hold herself together through the process. She followed Charles' guidance at every step, and they did not exchange a single word, except for the times when it was an absolute necessity.

After the whole process was completed, Sheryl felt as if she had lost a limb. Her heart broke into pieces. However, she did not want to show her vulnerability to Charles. So she grabbed her divorce documents and left the Civil Affairs Bureau immediately.

Seeing that, Charles immediately followed her out and grabbed her. He looked into her eyes and said, "We are divorced now. There is no point for you to stick around or be near me. Get lost now, and I don't want to see you again. Ever!" Charles stared at Sheryl with some disdain. He had never liked creating a scene out on the street.

Sheryl shook off Charles' grip forcefully. She looked at him, eyes red, and said to him in a cold and flat tone, "Charles, let's get one thing clear. You are the one who is getting in my way. Not the other way around!"

At this stage, she just wanted a clean and benign breakup since they had sto

ital ward, a screeching voice disrupted the peace.

"Say it again! Did it…Did it really happen? Charles divorced Sheryl?" Leila jumped up as she could barely hold her excitement. She stared at her phone incredulously; then, she reconfirmed the news with someone on the other side of the line before she could actually believe it.

"Yes, Leila. I am the one who took the divorce papers to the Cloud Advertising Company. They got divorced this morning." Monica, at the Secretary Department of Shining Company, knew that after divorcing Sheryl, the only woman to be around Charles would be none other than Leila. The office would turn into a living hell if Monica did not suck up to her now.

"Good. Please, keep me posted about anything new in Shining Company," Leila said pretending to be untouched by this news.

"Of course, Leila. Anything for you! Whatever I get to know, you will know it that very instant,"

Monica assured to Leila.

After ending the call, Leila was so overjoyed that she could barely breathe. She had never thought that Charles would divorce Sheryl in such a swift manner.

Leila put her phone aside and took a deep breath. Then she picked up the phone once again to replay the recording so that she could be sure that this actually happened.

"Melissa, did you see? Sheryl and Charles are divorced! It happened! Finally! Ha-ha!" Leila could not help but burst into laughter.

A nurse rushed into Melissa's ward, hearing the loud noise.

Leila checked herself as the nurse entered the ward. She pretended to be somber as if nothing had happened and asked the nurse, "What's up?"

"Nothing. I thought I heard the sound of laughter from this room." The nurse stared at Leila with a perplexed look.

"It's all good here. We will call you if we need you," Leila said as she looked at the nurse in an understanding way.

The nurse shrugged and left the ward.

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