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   Chapter 1876 Attain His Peace Of Mind

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Something about Sheryl worried Isla quite a lot. She knew she couldn't leave Sheryl's side, no matter what.

Knowing how stubborn Isla was, Sheryl decided to stop asking her to leave. "Charles, we didn't come here to make a scene," she said as she turned in his direction. "I just want to see how Mom is doing."

She took one look at Melissa, and her eyes welled up almost instantly. Although they weren't on the best terms, she and Melissa were still family. Seeing Melissa in a coma, lying motionless and tired looking on the hospital bed took a toll on her, nonetheless.

Leila didn't buy the sudden sadness in Sheryl's eyes. "You need to cut the shit, Sheryl," she exclaimed. "We all know you pushed Aunt Melissa down the stairs. She wouldn't be in a coma if it weren't for you!" Leila moved towards Sheryl to make sure she was heard, loud and clear. "Get the hell out of here! You're not welcome." It took Leila all her self-control not to slap Sheryl at that moment. With Charles in the room, she wouldn't dare let him see her act in that way.

Across the room, Isla's eyes pierced Leila, signaling her to tone it down.

The aggression in the room shot up instantly. Sheryl grabbed Isla's arm in an attempt to calm her down, but everyone knew that no one could hold Isla back.

Isla snatched her arm from Sheryl's grip and walked intently towards Leila.

The last thing that Sheryl wanted was a cat fight in the hospital. She blocked Isla's way before she could instigate anything.

"Sher, move out of the way. I need to teach this bitch a lesson," Isla said. Her voice was deep and cold, barely holding back all of the things she wanted to do right there and then. Again, Isla walked towards Leila, blood rushing with anger.

Though it was nothing new, Leila did not want to get slapped. It had hurt enough the first time.

"Isla!" Charles interrupted, "This is too much." He grabbed Isla's hand in a firm and warm grip, hoping it would be enough to calm her down.

"Charles, are you fucking serious?" Isla looked at Ch

rom ear to ear and wiped away her tears. "Thank you, Charles." This was exactly what she had always wanted.

Before leaving the hospital, Charles left Leila a few reminders. They spent a few minutes in the ward, sharing sentiments and stories too until he eventually walked out the door.

Leila couldn't help it. She rushed to Melissa's side and held her hand, saying, "Did you hear that? They're going to get divorced!" Leila was positively gushing.

"Everything we wanted is finally coming true."

The excitement was unbearable. 'Sher, you'll finally get the divorce you wanted, ' she thought. In the hospital room, Leila celebrated her small victory.

Entering his car, Charles was quiet and lost in thought.

David had never seen him this way.

"Is everything okay at the company?" asked Charles. "What were you able to get from Ferry?"

"President Lu, everything at the company is under control," David assured. "Projects are going smoothly. As for Ferry, we've got nothing."

"I had a feeling. Take me to the company." This was the last thing Charles said throughout the car ride.

Deep down, David knew what had happened, and this was driving Charles crazy. He didn't have the strength to say anything out of fear that it would only bother him. All he could wish for was that Charles could attain his peace of mind as soon as possible.

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