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   Chapter 1875 Go And Wait For Me Outside

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7708

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Melissa lay still on the hospital bed.

She was still in a coma, but she looked much better than she had the previous day. Charles felt relieved to see that his mother's condition was improving. All that was left to do now was to pray that she would wake up soon.

It was quiet in the room as Leila cleaned Melissa's arm with a washcloth. She sat beside Melissa's bed with her head bent down, but it was clear that she had been sobbing.

The moment that Charles had walked into the room, he had seen her sullen expression. He had decided against asking about it, but then Leila began whimpering. Seconds later, it sounded as though she was about to wail in agony. Charles had no other choice but to ask, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Charles. You can go back to work. I'll take good care of Aunt Melissa," Leila responded with her head still lowered. She then tilted her head, hiding her face more effectively. She was acting like she didn't want to look Charles in the eyes, but the latter wasn't convinced.

He walked closer and stopped right behind Leila. His eyes bore into her.

This deceitful woman was clearly just acting. Charles thought that it would be a waste of her time and effort if he didn't participate in her little act.

"Leila, what's wrong with your face?" Charles asked, playing along.

The truth was that David had employed the services of a spy. This spy had informed Charles about the events of the previous night. As a result, Charles actually knew about what had happened.

When he had heard that Isla had given Leila a beating, he was amused. He knew that it was Isla's style. Moreover, he believed that Leila deserved the punishment.

"Ah, nothing." Leila hurriedly covered her face and turned away in an attempt to further hide her injuries.

Charles didn't press her. Instead, he kept quiet and waited for Leila's version of what happened. He knew that she wouldn't let Isla go that easily and that she had something up her sleeve.

"Charles, hurry up and go back to work," Leila said, her voice cracking as though she was about to cry. Finally, she glanced at Charles, urging him to leave right away.

Charles was stumped. He had expected Leila to talk about Isla, but that did not happen, and he was in no mood to discuss the issue further. He nodded and

that she was okay. She was afraid to get him into even bigger trouble.

When Charles saw that Leila had begun to calm down, he turned back to Isla, visibly displeased. "That's it. Stop it, Isla. You're not welcome here. Go away. Now."

"Do you really believe this woman?" Isla asked, gesturing at Leila. She could not fathom how disappointing Charles turned out to be.

Somehow, she knew that Charles was not this stupid. How could he be this naive when it came to Leila?

"I have said that it's between me and Sheryl. It's none of your business." After regarding Isla coldly, Charles checked on Leila again. Then he waved David over.

The assistant, who had been standing by the door, obediently walked over to Charles and bowed. "Mr. Lu, what can I do for you?"

"Ms. Zhao is tired. Escort her out," Charles said curtly before turning his back on the two.

Isla had never felt more offended. Growing furious, she pointed an accusing finger at Charles. "You—"

"Isla..." Sheryl rushed into Melissa's ward, out of breath. The moment she reached the room, she witnessed Isla pointing her finger at Charles, about to start a fight.

When Isla heard Sheryl's voice, she immediately went over to her. Still trembling with fury, she tenderly held Sheryl's hand.

"Sher, why did you come?" Isla hadn't wanted Sheryl to see all this. If Sheryl had seen Charles defending Leila, she would have fallen into a pit of depression.

"Isla, go and wait for me outside," Sheryl gently told Isla, hinting that she was doing fine.

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