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   Chapter 1873 It Would Be Great If You Were Dead.

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It was past midnight. Most of the doctors and nurses of the hospital had gone home, barring a handful who were deputed to the night shift.

Leila weighed up the situation in her mind and concluded that it was no use pretending to be weak. After all, Charles was not present here at the moment to witness her vulnerability and sympathize with her. Hence, continuing with her pretension would only make the matter worse by encouraging Isla to carry on with her assaults.

"Sheryl is not worried. Why are you reacting like this? Are you her lackey? All because I have embarrassed Sheryl, you want to take revenge on me on her behalf?" Leila said with conviction as she lowered her hand. Although she felt severe pain on her face, she pretended as if she didn't care at all.

Hearing that, Isla got angrier and wondered, 'Are all the home wreckers in the world so arrogant nowadays? Society has changed a lot.'

"It seems that my slap was not enough for you, right?" Isla clenched her fists, with her knuckles making a popping sound, which was terrifying.

Leila was scared and took a step back immediately. She became alert and looked at Isla. "What are you going to do?" asked Leila.

"Can't you see this?" Isla was still aggressive and glared at her. If they were not in the hospital, she might have beaten Leila to death.

"Leila, I dare you. Don't go too far. I just don't want to lower myself to your level, but it doesn't mean that I can't do anything to you." Leila maintained her defiant look and stared back at Isla confidently. Although she was in a disadvantaged position, she had a plan in her mind. If Isla hurt her, she could blame Sheryl.

She inched closer to Isla on purpose to prove the point that she was not intimidated by her.

Slowly, she moved so close to Isla that it was much closer than the socially accepted norm.

Isla shoved Leila down to the floor and pointed at her, howling, "Leila, for the love of your own life, I dare you not to approach me."

"Isla, you are too uncivilized. Because Sheryl has stayed with you for a long time, she has also become so extreme..." Leila said as she squatted on the floor to prevent herself from falling. She posed as

ave an arrogant smile at Leila before leaving the hospital.

Isla's smile and her words felt like a piercing wound on Leila's skin. But Leila did not dare to react. She resented Isla in her heart for not being able to defeat her.

After all, Leila knew that Isla was nothing like Sheryl, who was a woman who would choose to remain silent after she said something to her. This damned woman in front of her was different. If you offended her, she would go too far. After meeting Isla several times, Leila knew this very well about her.

"Ms. Zhang, if there is nothing else, you can go back to the ward. In fact, you don't need to stay here. Mr. Lu has arranged for a private nurse for Ms. Shen." Seeing that Isla had gone away, the nurse suggested to Leila.

"Okay, I see. Thank you." Leila smiled at the nurse kindly and returned to Melissa's ward.

She came back to the ward and looked down at Melissa, who was in a coma. Then she still couldn't control her anger and gritted her teeth. "It would be great if you were dead. Why did you have to become a vegetable?"

Leila was aware that after Melissa's accident, the doors to Dream Garden would be permanently closed for Sheryl. Although Charles didn't say anything yet, his reaction was obvious. Silence is said to be devastating for a married couple.

At this thought, Leila touched her face and felt better. If the slap on her face could make Sheryl leave Charles, it was worthwhile, she thought.

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