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   Chapter 1872 Leila's True Colors

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After looking around, Aron realized that Isla was nowhere to be seen. And the door had been shut as well.

Isla, on the other hand, was worriedly rushing to work. She was anxious to know how Sheryl was. However, in her hurry, she had forgotten to take her car keys. Standing in front of her car, she felt a mixture of both fear and frustration.

"Honey, are you looking for this?" Aron came towards her, waving the keys in front of her.

A hint of embarrassment flashed across Isla's face, but she hid it well. Aron didn't get a chance to notice it. She pretended to be angry and snapped, "Give it to me now!"

"Yes, madam, but I will be driving!" Aron flashed her a complacent smile. At this moment, Isla didn't have any energy to argue, so she gave in without a fight. Seeing this, he stared at her with his loving eyes.

It was evident to Aron that Isla was concerned about Sheryl, so he drove the car as fast as possible. Before long, they arrived at Cloud Advertising Company.

"Isla, don't say anything harsh. Do everything calmly. Try to reason with her, okay?" Aron was worried that Isla might lose her temper and argue with Sheryl because she was too concerned now.

"Don't worry unnecessarily. Do you actually think I am here to fight with Sheryl?" Isla gave him a contemptuous look and left soon.

Phoebe had been informed about Isla's arrival, so she was waiting downstairs. As soon as Isla approached, Phoebe walked towards her.

"Ms. Zhao, you arrived here very quickly!" Phoebe said, getting into the elevator with Isla.

"Tell me what on earth has happened!" Isla urged, looking at Phoebe with her eyebrows knitted.

Phoebe recalled the incident that had happened just now. She made it a point to speak without missing out on anything.

Listening to this, Isla stood thunderstruck. If Charles was back, Sheryl was supposed to be happy about it. However, on the contrary, she seemed sad and heartbroken. This made no sense to her.

Phoebe seemed as confused as she was. Both of them knew that they couldn't figure it out by merely thinking about it. The only choice they had was to confront Sheryl. Now they were in the process of doing just that.

In the office, Sheryl couldn't constrain her sadness anymore. She burst into desperate tears.

Without bothering to knock, Isla sprinted in. Of course, she had witnessed the scene where Sheryl was crying her heart out.

"Don't try to hide anything from me. Tell me about it now

ased her eyebrows and asked hesitantly, "Is Sher all right?"

"Don't worry. I am not going to leave her side. Nothing can happen to her as long as I am alive," Isla said, trying to comfort Nancy. Isla knew that Nancy was sincere towards Sheryl, so her attitude to Nancy was friendly.

"That's good. Ms. Zhao, take care of yourself too!" Nancy then stood watching Isla's receding figure. She prayed that everything would become better soon.

As soon as Isla left Dream Garden, she hurried to the hospital. She didn't want to waste a single second. Her heart wouldn't be at ease unless and until she confronted Charles. 'I want to know what that man is thinking, ' she thought, feeling vexed.

When she arrived at the hospital, however, she didn't manage to see Charles. It turned out he had left a few moments before her arrival. But she happened to come across Leila. 'Can't stand seeing that bitch, ' she thought with disgust.

"I have been looking for you, and you decide to show up yourself!" Isla yelled at Leila as she stood in front of her.

Without giving Leila any chance to continue with her nonsense, Isla moved closer and placed a slap right across her cheek.

Caught off guard, Leila held a hand to her red cheek in disbelief. She would have tussled with Isla if she hadn't been pretending to be an elegant lady.

"Isla, how dare you!" Leila clenched her teeth, trying to restrain herself.

"Well, I will do as I please. Will you tolerate this? Or are you going to show me your true colors?" After saying this, Isla let out a vicious laugh. And under the influence of enough alcohol, Isla spoke quite aggressively.

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