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   Chapter 1871 I Don't Care

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For the longest time, all that Sheryl had wanted was for Charles to be back, and now that he finally was, this happened.

She'd suffered so much. She thought they could start all over again, once he'd returned, but that didn't seem to be the case for him—he didn't trust her.

Cassie wasn't the type to make a big deal out of nothing, but when she saw the look on Sheryl's face, she couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Sher, stop. What on earth happened? Just tell me." Cassie was anxious. She didn't know what Sheryl would have done if she weren't also in the car.

Cassie's question brought Sheryl back to reality. She raised her head and looked at Cassie. After a long pause, she hesitated before speaking. "It was Leila, who pushed Melissa down the stairs, not me. She just turned everything around and accused me."

"What? That damned woman." Cassie furiously tried to step from the car, preparing to storm back into the hospital.

"Cassie, wait!" Sheryl grabbed Cassie's arm just as she was about to leave.

"Sher, why are you stopping me? I need to find Leila." Cassie looked at Sheryl angrily and shook her hand off her arm.

But Sheryl tightened her grip on Cassie and shook her head. "Cassie, what are you going to do when you find her? She's always been like that, and I've never cared. What makes me upset is that Charles doesn't trust me. That doesn't have anything to do with Leila."

"Mr. Lu believed Leila?" It was only then that Cassie realized that the problem concerned Charles.

She then grew silent and just stared back at Sheryl, realizing how careless she'd been.

"Cassie, I'm truly fine. Don't worry about me. Are you off from work now?" Sheryl insisted that she was doing fine as she didn't want Cassie to worry about her. She had to pretend for her sake.

"Hmm, Sher, shall I drive you back home?"

"No. I want to go back to the office."

Sheryl knew that she wasn't fine, and she looked the part. If she went h

Aron. When she saw that Phoebe was calling her, she said, "Hold on. I need to answer my phone first."

Then she raised her hand as if to gesture for Aron to shut up.

Aron had no choice but to obey. After all, Isla was very emotional. He didn't want to push her too much as they were fighting, and he didn't want to make things any worse.

"Phoebe, what's up?" Isla's tone was unfriendly.

Phoebe noticed this right away, so not wanting to waste Isla's time, she answered quickly, "Ms. Zhao, I can tell something's up with Ms. Xia."

"What's going on with Sher?"

Isla nervously asked, frowning.

Phoebe hesitated for a while before speaking. "Ms. Xia went to see Mr. Lu, and she was happy when she left. But after she came back, her eyes were red, and she didn't seem to be herself."

"Sher cried?" Isla asked, raising her voice.

"I don't know for sure," Phoebe responded hesitantly. She was just so worried.

"Okay. Just keep an eye on Sher. I'm coming." The fact that Phoebe couldn't explain much made Isla worry. So she hung up the phone and prepared to leave.

She glanced at Aron. "Something's up with Sher. I'm going to see her right now. We can continue this later. Just stay here and don't do anything stupid."

Then Isla went downstairs before Aron could even respond.

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