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   Chapter 1867 How Could You Do That To Us

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Sheryl didn't want to fight with Leila. As long as she could still tolerate things, she'd always choose that over confrontation any day. She didn't mind being the first one to concede. To Leila, however, this was a sign of weakness. Since this whole thing had started, all she had wanted was to win.

"You always accuse me of being manipulative. Can you tell me exactly how I'm being manipulative?"

Sheryl's patience had run out. Leila was brash and arrogant. Since Leila moved into Dream Garden, they'd never gotten along. Sheryl had long realized that not everyone deserved her kindness, and she had no choice but to toughen up. Right now, she knew she had no choice but to go up against Leila.

Sheryl decided to gather her courage and toughen up, bracing herself for a confrontation.

Nancy was cleaning in the kitchen when she heard the noise outside. As the noise continued, she started to worry. She figured Leila and Sheryl were probably arguing. After some consideration, she decided to check and see what was going on between the two.

"Nancy, Melissa said that she wants to have Glutinous Rice and Lotus Root for dinner. Make sure we have the ingredients for that. She's expecting that for dinner," Leila quickly reminded Nancy as soon as Nancy came out of the kitchen. She knew where Nancy stood. She didn't want Sheryl getting any back-up, so she quickly gave Nancy an order so she would leave.

Sheryl hadn't even noticed that Nancy was there. She quickly turned and looked at Nancy.

Nancy wanted to greet Sheryl, but Leila didn't even give her a chance to speak.

When Sheryl saw the look on Nancy's face, she decided she wasn't going to let Nancy get involved in all of this. She nodded at Nancy with a wink to tell her that she could handle this alone, and she didn't need her help.

Nancy didn't object—she nodded and said, "Okay, I'm going to the market to buy the ingredients."

"Please, do it now, Nancy." Leila then turned back to Sheryl. She arrogantly folded her two arms across her chest with a smug look on her face.

Nancy promptly made her way out of the door. The tension only increased between Leila and Sheryl.

Leila didn't want anyone to overhear any of this, especially since she knew Nancy wasn't even on her side. She considered this confrontation to be rather private, so she made sure no one was around to listen in on them.

Leila knew that Sheryl was only there to visit Charles, who was still upstairs. She had considered moving this confrontation upstairs because Melissa was there, and she would, therefore, have back-up.

However, she quickly decided against this as she knew Melissa had been having trouble sleeping ever since Charles had gone missing. If they brought this upstairs, Melissa might not be able to sleep. Leila continued to think of another plan.

As Leila was deep in thought, Sheryl slowly made her way to the stairs. Leila quickly came back to her senses and snorted to herself, 'Really? You're going to run? Well, I won't let you!'

that to you!" Leila paused as an evil smile crept onto her face. Then she approached Sheryl so that she could whisper into her ear, saying, "You know what, you're right. I've planned everything from start to finish, starting from the day Melissa went to jail. The first time I visited her in jail, I made sure she knew I cared about her and that I was devoted to her. That little misunderstanding between you and Charles? I made that up! I planned all of that. I'm surprised you didn't think about it even as you and Charles were getting divorced. So, yes, you are right, everything that happened was because of me. I planned all of that."

To anger Sheryl, Leila had gone too far. She even told things that she was not supposed to reveal to Sheryl. As a result, her purpose was served, but it was out of the line. When she rested her gaze on Sheryl again, she could detect the complete rage and hatred from Sheryl's eyes.

In Melissa's bedroom

Since she'd come up here after dinner, her mind hadn't rested. Sheryl's return was like a sting to her heart, and she wanted it gone. Even though Leila was trying her best to get Sheryl to leave, she still couldn't help but worry that Leila might not succeed.

When she checked the time, she realized it was time to go to sleep. She tried her best to silence her mind. Still, she was unable to sleep. What was worse was that she had run out of sleeping pills.

Melissa lay still on her bed, trying to fall asleep. The muffled noise from outside was getting louder, which didn't help with her insomnia. At last, curiosity got the best of her. She got up and decided to see what was going on outside.

"Leila, it was you! How could you do that to us?" Sheryl roared.

She didn't expect that Leila was behind everything that had happened that had led to her divorce. She felt cheated out of her own happiness, and it was all orchestrated by Leila!

Leila had finally reached Sheryl's boiling point. As she watched Sheryl's livid face, she rejoiced inside.

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