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   Chapter 1866 Threaten

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In Cloud Advertising Company, Phoebe rushed into Sheryl's office.

Once she was inside, it took her a while to compose herself, for she was out of breath.

Sheryl, on the other hand, was about to leave but stopped in her tracks when she heard Phoebe dashing in. Looking completely confused, she asked, "What's wrong?"

"Ms. Xia, I heard that Mr. Lu has come back," Phoebe broke the news nervously.

"Pardon?" Sheryl looked at Phoebe in disbelief.

Then she ran to Phoebe and grabbed her arm with her shaking hands.

Phoebe nodded and repeated her words, saying, "Yes, Ms. Xia, you have heard it right. Mr. Lu has returned."

"Really?" Tears fell from Sheryl's eyes as soon as she received this confirmation. Her whole body began to tremble.

"Yes, yes, yes! Really!" Phoebe knew without a doubt just how concerned Sheryl was about Charles. This was the sole reason why she had rushed over in such a manner to break the news. She had wanted to put an end to Sheryl's misery.

"Okay. I am going to Shining Company now." Afterward, Sheryl staggered out of Cloud Advertising Company.

Unfortunately, a second before Sheryl reached Shining Company, Charles had left the building. They failed to meet each other by a narrow margin of chance.

"Is Mr. Lu in the company?" Sheryl looked at the receptionist and nervously put forward the question.

"Ms. Xia, Mr. Lu just left with David. How about you call him?" Even the receptionist knew about Sheryl and Charles's strained relationship. She knew they were on the verge of divorcing each other. This news had spread like a wildfire. But at the moment, she was still the president's wife; hence, the receptionist spoke to her in the most polite tone.

"Okay, I shall do that."

There was no disappointment on Sheryl's face. If anything, the receptionist's words made her happy. It confirmed the news that Charles had returned safe and sound.

Swiftly, Sheryl plunged her hand into her handbag and took out her cellphone. She dialed Charles' number but couldn't reach him. It stated that the number she was trying to call was powered off. Her earlier relief was once again replaced by concern. At any cost, she wanted to speak to him. Without wasting any time, she decided to go to Dream Garden.

In Dream Garden, Leila had just returned.

She was walking lazily, in low spirits.

But Melissa's mood was a stark contrast to Leila's, and she was enthusiastic. Normally, she would lie on the bed most of the time. But after Charles came back, Melissa was always in good spirits. She dressed up and prepared to play cards with her friends. In short, she had returned to her old lifestyle.

But when she went downsta

k with Leila in that tone, Melissa became furious.

"Mother..." Sheryl began to say.

"Aunt Melissa, go upstairs now. Don't waste your energy fighting with her." Leila knew that in Melissa's presence, she couldn't say what she wanted to say. Hence, she hoped Melissa would leave her alone with Sheryl. Her heart was itching to taunt Sheryl.

Every time that Melissa came face to face with Sheryl, she found it hard to keep her anger in check. Now that Leila had proposed to take some leave, she silently went upstairs to pack.

"Nancy, I think you should get back to your work."

Melissa had left, so Leila asked Nancy to leave as well.

Now it was just the two of them, Sheryl and Leila. Both the rivals were standing face to face.

Sheryl understood something dirty was brewing inside Leila's head. Otherwise she wouldn't have made an arrangement to speak to her alone.

"Sheryl, it stuns me to see how shameless you are! You are blind to everything that is happening around. Can't you see? Charles is mine. Get out of our way if you don't want to end up dead!" Leila scowled at Sheryl ruthlessly, finally letting out all the bottled-up rage.

"Leila, I am telling you for the last time--this matter is between me and Charles. You need to stay out of our business!"

Sheryl had no interest in arguing with Leila. Once she spat out those words, she prepared to go upstairs to take a look. She couldn't leave without knowing if Charles was safe.

"Stop! What are you trying to do? In the first place, you are the sole reason why Charles was in trouble. It is all your fault! Now he has just come back, but you dare to show up here! Don't you think I know what you are planning to do?" Leila blocked Sheryl's way. She didn't want this woman to step inside Charles' room.

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