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   Chapter 1860 Do Nothing After Being Paid

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On the way back to the office, Sheryl was lost in thought. She and Cassie had enjoyed a quiet conversation, which made her think about Charles and their relationship.

Sheryl bit her lower lip and took a deep breath before speaking to herself. "Sheryl, be strong. Charles will be fine."

She was successfully able to calm herself down with these words. Now that she had relaxed, she then made her way to work.

What Sheryl didn't know was that Charles was already back. He had made a grand entrance at the airport to announce that he was back.

"Mr. Lu, where shall we go now?" David asked. He looked even more excited than Charles did.

Charles looked up at the sky and smiled as if lost in thought. "Let's go to Dream Garden first. Who knows how worried my mother must have been?"

David merely nodded in agreement. While he thought it was better to go to the office first, he hadn't expected that Charles would have made plans in advance.

"Okay, Mr. Lu. I'll get the car." Then David left.

When he'd gotten the car, Charles got in, and they headed to Dream Garden.

Charles had been in Malaysia for so long that he couldn't help but feel nostalgic when he finally returned. Everything seemed so familiar. He was finally back home.

"Mr. Lu, are you going to tell Ms. Xia?" David asked cautiously. He could tell that Charles was in a good mood; hence, he was very careful as he spoke.

Charles seemed to hesitate upon hearing Sheryl's name. After a while, he shook his head. "No need."

"But, but..."

"Just focus on the road. I'm tired," Charles interrupted. It was obvious he didn't want to talk about this anymore.

David had no choice but to remain silent.

In Dream Garden

When Leila had left for work, Melissa sat in the living room alone. She decided to watch TV as she was bored. Since Charles had gone missing, she didn't even want to play cards. She didn't want to do anything else but stay home.

"My Lady, if

In just a second, her face shifted from angry to caring.

"Leila, you need to come home right now. Charles is back..." After that, Melissa hung up the phone before Leila could even respond.

Leila was petrified. What did Melissa just say? Charles was back?

She thought she'd heard it wrong, but this was Melissa—that was when Leila realized that Charles really was back.

"Ms. Zhang?" One of the employees saw Leila staring blankly at her phone.

"All of you, get out."

Leila wasn't in the mood to deal with any of her employees right now. She sank back into her chair, at a loss. After a while, she stood up and decided to go to Dream Garden.

As she drove, she kept calling Hugo; however, he wasn't answering. She just realized then that her failure to contact him wasn't because he was busy doing the job, but it was because he hadn't done the job.

"Damn it, Hugo. I paid you, and I get nothing? You'd better prepare yourself the next time I see you because I'm definitely not letting you off the hook!" Leila was furious. She never thought that she'd get scammed.

She knew something was up. If it wasn't a big deal, she'd just handle it, but now that Charles was suddenly back, it meant that all her plans were going to be laid to waste.

She panicked as she thought of this.

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