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   Chapter 1857 The Lady Of The House

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Melissa stood up as she stared at the caller ID on her phone's screen. Almost immediately, red hot fury coursed through her veins, and she answered the phone with the most hateful tone she could muster.

"How dare you call me now, Sheryl?" she said with a sneer. "Do you for one second think I can't do anything to you?" Melissa's eyes were clouded with rage. Had Sheryl been in front of her, she would have slapped her hard.

"Mother, don't be angry. Your blood pressure..." Sheryl sighed tiredly.

She always knew Melissa didn't like her, and she was well aware that calling at this hour wouldn't get her any points with the woman, but for Charles' sake, she had bit the bullet and had called Melissa.

"Oh, I'm surprised you care about me. I would think you'd be praying for my death. Because if I'm dead, you can get Shining Company, right? And if there's something wrong with my son, you can get everything?" Melissa accused, her voice rising.

Hearing Melissa mention Shining Company, Sheryl took the chance and replied, "Mother, you know that Charles might be in trouble, so why aren't you taking care of the company in his absence? Don't you think it's improper to let an outsider manage the company?"

Melissa felt her blood boil even more at hearing Sheryl aim at Leila.

"Are you jealous? If you could prove to be half as capable as Leila and make more than a billion dollars for Shining Company, then I won't say anything," Melissa challenged.

Sheryl had hoped that Melissa had gotten her message, but, apparently, the woman couldn't realize the situation no matter what she said.

Deciding not to waste time arguing, Sheryl responded, "Mother, if you don't care about Shining Company, change its name and then just do what you want."

Melissa opened

d contacting Hugo but hadn't been able to reach him.

Leila tried to calm her mind. She knew Hugo had this habit of disappearing whenever he took assassination jobs and would only resurface once his mission was completed. 'It's gonna be fine.' Two hours later, Leila fell asleep still repeating these words in her head.

Early the next day

Melissa, having nothing to do, went to Leila's room.

Seeing that the girl was still asleep, Melissa shook Leila's arm and called her name. Leila swatted her hand and groaned, "I'm tired, Aunt Melissa. Can't you let me sleep for a while?"

For a second, Melissa thought she had misheard. Leila had always been gentle and polite, so it shocked Melissa to hear her speak this way.

Leila, with her mind still clouded from sleep, did not care to conceal her annoyance. Besides, Melissa would be useless to her soon, so there was no need to treat the woman so well.

Turning on her side, she ignored Melissa and continued to sleep.

"You aren't the Lady of Dream Garden yet," Melissa whispered scornfully.

Leila heard this and was about to retort but then thought better. Feigning sleep, she pretended not to have heard anything.

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