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   Chapter 1855 A Call

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In Sheryl's home

Sheryl got off work early today, so she went to school to pick up Clark and Shirley. It had been a long time since she last picked them up. They were very excited when they saw her.

Joan was cooking in the kitchen. She couldn't help but smile when she saw Sheryl, Clark and Shirley playing together in the living room.

"Clark, you're the big brother. Be the bigger person, okay?" Sheryl feigned reprimanding Clark.

Clark, however, didn't seem to be affected at all. He merely pouted and complained, "Mom, we're both your kids, but you always take Shirley's side whenever we're playing!"

"Because you're smart and I'm not! So Mom needs to be on my side. You can ask Dad to take yours!" Shirley answered Clark, with her head up high.

Shirley was too young to be talking like that, so Clark couldn't help but be amused at Shirley when she spoke like that.

Sheryl stiffened upon the mention of Charles. It had been a little more than a week since Charles had gone missing. She still hadn't received any updates yet. She had tried to call David so many times, but he wouldn't answer her clearly, so she couldn't help but feel worried.

Clark noticed that Sheryl had become silent. He walked to her and grabbed her hand, then he said gently, "Mom, no matter what happens between you and Dad, Shirley and I will always be here with you."

Sheryl came back to her senses when she heard Clark. Her worries evaporated as she saw Clark's sincere face. She was so blessed to have Clark. Her children were her life. She knew she could go through anything as long as she had them. They were her strength.

'Nothing will happen to Charles. He will come back, safe and sound, ' Sheryl convinced herself.

Sheryl fondly caressed Clark's head and smiled at him as she spoke, "Of course, I'll be strong. Thanks for being with me and supporting me."

Clark beamed at Sheryl.

Shirley ran into Sheryl's arms and said, "Mom, Clark, let's continue playing."


They played until Joan had f

acting as CEO right now."

Nancy never would have told this to Sheryl as she wouldn't want to worry her. However, Nancy didn't know that Joan had put her on speaker, and Sheryl was listening to her too.

The more Sheryl listened, the more worried she became.

Sheryl wondered what Leila was up to. No matter what it was, Sheryl knew that it wouldn't be something that was in the company's interest. Leila must be taking advantage of the fact that Charles was gone to get what she wanted.

Joan and Nancy chatted for a while before they hung up. Sheryl pretended that she wasn't worried as she spoke to Joan, "I know what happened now. Thanks for the help, Joan. Would you mind if we make this a regular thing? I just want to make sure Nancy gets to talk to someone. I'm pretty sure Leila isn't treating her well."

Sheryl then went upstairs to wake up the children.

She wasn't in the mood to drop off the kids at school because of the call, so she asked Joan to do it for her. She headed to work right after breakfast.

When she arrived, Sheryl saw Phoebe and her boyfriend. They looked so sweet. Sheryl couldn't help but get emotional.

Josef treated Phoebe like a princess in such a way that would make any woman jealous. Not only did he pick Phoebe up every day, but he surprised her too. Sheryl couldn't help but miss Charles.

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