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   Chapter 1854 The Initiator Of Evil.

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"Okay. Mr. Lu, don't worry. I will send somebody to investigate the matter right now." Seeing Charles getting so nervous all of a sudden, David realized that Ferry must be a dangerous person. Realizing the urgency in the matter, David didn't dare to neglect it. After giving all the updates about the Shining Company to Charles, he left the room.

Walking out of Charles' room, David immediately passed the instruction to his subordinate to execute the next plan of action. After making sure that he had delegated all the tasks to the concerned people and that everything was in place, he tried going to bed. However, he could not sleep well that night. He remained restless out of fear that something bad might happen at night.

David spent half the night worrying and could not fall asleep until the latter half of the night.

In Charles' room

After David left, Charles remained lost in his thoughts for a while. The moment when he was attacked by three men, and they almost stabbed him in his back, the only thing that gave him the strength to fight for his life was the thought of Sheryl.

Sheryl's face had flashed in front of his eyes and compelled him to fight back. He did not want to die. He could not die and leave Sheryl in this way.

Still lost in his thoughts, Charles took out his cell phone and looked at Sheryl's number in the contact list. After a few moments of gazing at the number, he tapped on the back button returning to the home screen. He had wanted to call Sheryl several times, but every time he gave up on his plan at the last moment.

Charles knew that it was not the right time yet. If he called Sheryl at this point, he would only invite trouble for her. Hence, no matter how much he yearned to hear her voice, he had to endure the pangs of separation from the woman he loved for the time being.

He shook his head to stop himself from thinking about Sheryl. Trying to drift his thoughts to the dramatic incidents that took place today, he felt grateful and indebted towards Franklin. He thought he would never be able to return the favor.

The next thought that came to Charles' mind was that of Angel. Her unsolicited concern towards him was annoying.

Charles' mind remained active with such random thoughts that kept him awake until the latter half of the night. After that, as he was just about to go to close his eyes, he suddenly heard some faint noises. But since he was on high alert, he could hear the sounds loud and clear.

A smile appeared on Charles' face and he wondered if they had started to t

so ruthless that she would even go to the extent of killing Charles. In the beginning, he had thought that she was just impulsive.

"Tell somebody to bring him down and deal with the body. Send him back to our country secretly." Earlier, Charles had figured out what to do. This time he would not give Leila any chances to turn the tables.

"Okay, Mr. Lu. Should I send somebody to capture Leila right away?" David asked anxiously.

"No hurry."

"Still no hurry? Mr. Lu, it is very urgent now. Are you still ready to wait?" David raised his voice.

"We will return home tomorrow."

Charles saw that David was very nervous. So he said this to make him feel comforted.

David relaxed his brows, and his face seemed to finally release the tension as he heard that they were going home. His boss had finally decided to go back. If they didn't return home, he might have gone crazy.


"Do you think I am in the mood to joke now?" Charles said as he raised his head and looked at David.

"Okay. Great. I am going to get everything ready now." David seemed to be excited as he walked out of Charles' room.

Charles had never seen David so emotional. He had worked with David for so many years, and he had always been very calm and stable even under dire circumstances. But this time, his able assistant was panic-stricken.

Of course, the initiator of evil behind everything was Leila.

Thinking back, Charles seemed to have figured it out. Melissa had insisted on coming to Malaysia, perhaps because of Leila's scheming.

Sheryl had suddenly shown up on the ship, which had not been a coincidence.

At this thought, Charles clenched his fists, and his face looked fierce.

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