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   Chapter 1851 Franklin’s Intention

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Recognizing it was Franklin's voice, Charles couldn't help but become suspicious. Concern began to grow in his heart. With a frown, he thought to himself, 'How does Franklin know I am here? If he knows about my whereabouts, then there is a possibility that others know it too.' Still, he opened the door and allowed him to come in.

"Mr. Zhou, how did you know I was here?" Charles greeted him with a friendly smile.

"Mr. Lu, I was informed that your recovery had gone well. I came to let you know how pleased I am to know that. Also, I realized you would leave once you were fully recovered. Before you left, I wanted to see you. That's the reason behind my unexpected visit!" Franklin had tried to come up with a plausible excuse. In truth, this visit was purely intended to breach the topic of his daughter's marriage.

Charles shot an appreciative smile and nodded, "Well, I am indeed leaving soon."

After receiving such a reply from Charles, Franklin understood it might be his last chance to see Charles. He thought, 'I have to take this chance to propose for my daughter. Or else, she might completely lose the opportunity of marrying or even seeing him again.'

"Mr. Lu, before you leave, can we have dinner? You know, as a farewell," Franklin suggested.

Charles felt a little weird that Franklin had made such a request. Yet he thought it was harmless and accepted without hesitating.

Franklin was elated when he received a positive response. Since he had achieved his aim, he was willing to leave now. But before leaving, a thought popped into Franklin's mind. He asked, "Are you available now? How about we go out and grab a drink?"

Charles was still trying to anticipate an explanation for Franklin's visit. By now, he was extremely curious to know the motive behind this man. Hence, he promptly agreed. Moreover, Franklin had saved his life. This was the least he could do for him.

"Why not?"

Shortly after, they walked into a late night bar.

It was too early, so there weren't many people there. The less noisy environment created a relaxing atmosphere for them to talk more privately.

Drinking was always the way that men opened their hearts to each other. After proposing a couple of toasts, Franklin started to discuss predestined affinity and relationships.

Charles felt a little uncomfortable. He noticed that Franklin was insinuating something else. Still, he pretended to know nothing and continued to drink.

"Mr. Lu, I am aware that you run a big company. If I am not wrong, your business is famous all across the country. How do you manage it?" Seeing Charles was indifferent, Franklin changed the topic.

"Well, as you know, business is mostly all about luck. In a sense, it is just a game played using money," Charles replied with a faint smile.

"I see. In short, you are a very busy man. But you should not forget your friends here. Will you come back and see us?" Franklin tried to run a smooth conversation before revealing what he wanted to say.

"I cannot say with certainty. But I will try my best to travel here again."

Charles took another sip of alcohol from

ly changed the poor man's appearance. On closer inspection, Charles noticed how pale his face had gotten.

Franklin nodded his head in spite of the pain. It seemed that the wound didn't concern him at all. Though he was weak, he still spoke with a smile, "I am fine. Don't worry about me. Are you okay? Tell me you haven't been hurt!"

Charles felt touched listening to this selfless man's words. Suddenly, it dawned upon him that this was the second time that Franklin had saved his life. This time, his favor was much stronger than the last one. Franklin had risked his own life to save Charles. For a moment, Charles helplessly struggled for words that would express his gratitude.

The guilt in Charles' heart was as deep as Franklin's wound.

Wasting no time, Charles took Franklin to the nearest hospital. The guilt didn't stop consuming Charles until the doctor assured him that Franklin's wound was under control.

"Go home and get some rest. Luckily, the wound isn't too deep. But don't forget to come back in three days!" the doctor exhorted before he permitted them to leave.

Franklin's wound had been taken care of with the help of a bandage. Now his pale face was starting to show the faintest flush of color.

"Let me take you home," Charles insisted.

Even though Charles had considered Franklin to be his friend, he hadn't made a formal visit to his house. He realized that now was the right time to pay a visit.

On their way, Franklin remained silent. His physical condition had been taken care of, but his mental state was still ill at rest. Noticing this, Charles' guilt intensified.

In no time, they were at the front door of Franklin's house. Charles cautiously helped him get through the door and assisted him to sit down.

Charles knew that Franklin was still recalling the horrible encounter they had in the by-street. Franklin seemed like a man who wasn't used to dealing with such alarming situations. It was probably the first time he had experienced something so daunting. Hence, Charles understood the reason behind his traumatized look.

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