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   Chapter 1849 Wait For The Payment

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Looking at the determined expression on Angel's face, Franklin made a decision.

"Yes honey, don't worry. As your father, it is my duty to fulfill all of your wishes," Franklin assured Angel. There was a part of him that worried that he would be unable to keep this promise.

But Angel seemed content after hearing his reply. He then took her home.

Meanwhile, David and Charles entered the hotel.

"Mr. Lu, why don't we return home now?" David had spent enough time in Malaysia. He had an urge to go back home as soon as possible. Now that Charles had recovered, he didn't see why they couldn't return. But it turned out his boss had a different plan. Charles wasn't willing to leave just yet.

"The game is still ongoing. How can I interrupt it?" Charles smiled and tapped his fingers on the table rhythmically.

David, after having been with Charles for years, was very familiar with his habits. This action meant something great was brewing in Charles' mind. Charles' lifted spirits confirmed David's suspicion of his mood. But he still couldn't understand the reason behind his boss' happiness.

After a long while, Charles continued, "If we return now, we can't watch the play."

These words left David even more confused. Altogether, it was like Charles was speaking a different language. Quizzically, he stared at Charles, hoping he would shed some light on this matter.

"Let's start our plan. We can't keep Leila in the company anymore." There was ruthlessness flashing in Charles' eyes. After that, he closed his eyes and stopped talking.

David understood and went to the living room to do what his boss had asked him to do.

Back in the homeland, Leila was anxiously pacing back and forth.

She knew that at any moment, her life could take a different turn. There was no news from the private detective at all over these past two days. This brought a never-ending restlessness to her mind.

Suddenly, her cellphone rang. A startled scream came out of her mouth. After composing herself, she finally picked up the phone.

"Hello, what's going on? Has he been found yet?"

Leila was anxious to know if Charles was really still alive.

The private detective had gone to Malaysia yesterday to investigate. He finally got accurate information that Charles was still alive in Malaysia

will be kept between the two of us. You can't utter a word to anybody else about this." Leila had never been threatened in this way, and her present situation made her eerily uncomfortable.

"Of course. If I get the money, I will keep my mouth shut." The private detective heard what Leila had said and understood how much she was worried that the news would be exposed. Once again, a complacent look returned his face.

"Okay. Wait for the payment." Afterward, Leila hung up the phone in a rage.

She grasped her cellphone, and her mind once again recalled the private detective's threat. It was extremely hard to keep her fury in check.

Even though paying someone five million wasn't a big deal to her now, she still felt hesitant. Her heart was unwilling to waste this amount on a shameless guy.

Halfheartedly, Leila called her secretary.

"Transfer five million to my personal account," she ordered in an indifferent tone. It took a great deal of effort to stay composed.

The secretary narrowed her eyes and asked awkwardly, "Ms. Zhang, what's the purpose of this five million?"

"What do you mean? Now am I obliged to explain my purpose to you?" Leila was furious. 'As an executive director of Shining Company, don't I have the right to transfer five million?' she wondered angrily.

"No. Ms. Zhang, I didn't mean to sound nosy. It is just that the financial department requires the detail of every transaction." While speaking, the secretary lowered her voice in such a manner that even she could hardly hear herself.

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