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   Chapter 1847 Part In Discord

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God! The video was unexpected, and both Leila and Melissa were in it.

Leila never imagined that Ferry would get a hold of a video of her while she was in prison.

Watching the video, Leila was nervous and dumbfounded. Still, she felt lucky that it was just a video, which couldn't prove anything. However, when she was about to retort, the man in front of her unexpectedly took out some other videos and conversation records.

Leila thought she was totally exposed by Ferry and never imagined how he had gotten all these recordings.

The videos and recordings even included evidence to prove that Leila and Melissa had framed Sheryl and that Leila had gotten close to Melissa on purpose, to then framed her up.

It was all enough to take her down. If either Melissa or Charles got a hold of any of these, Leila would be left with only one ending-death.

Especially at this crucial moment! If Melissa knew the truth, she would surely kick her out of Shining Company and Dream Garden. Thinking about her fall, Leila's face turned pale while she shook her head crazily. She started begging Ferry, "Please, don't. I will listen to you from now on. Don't give the evidence to Melissa, please."

Leila was so scared that she began to cry. If she wasn't tied up, she might even have knelt down to plead with Ferry.

After having confirmed that Leila wouldn't have the nerve to make trouble anymore, Ferry nodded slightly and ordered his follower, "Let her go."

"Yes, boss." Quickly following his orders, the man released Leila.

Leila took a deep breath as she stood in front of Ferry, trembling, without the guts to even breathe.

"Go back now. But remember what I have said. Don't make any trouble. Bring me the file. Otherwise, Melissa might end up finding one of these recordings on her doorstep if you disappoint me." Having said enough, Ferry waved his hand and motioned his follower to take Leila away.

Leila left numbly with Ferry's guy. The moment her eyes were covered again, Leila realized that she was not dreaming.

After about one hour, the car finally stopped, and the driver threw Leila out of the door and onto the ground. The car sped off afterward. Taking off her blindfold, Leila tried to stand up and dust off her clothes. Looking at the unfamiliar surroundings, she felt lucky that she was safe now.

Taking out her phone, she called her secretary and asked her to come and pick her up. The secretary arrived a few minutes later, and Leila got inside her car without saying a word. She a

invited Leila to have a seat. Then she continued. "Leila, I know Ferry has been threatening you. He also threatened me before. We are friends, so I came to remind you."

Leila looked unwell as she stared at Holley. But since she spoke sincerely and confidently, Leila believed her and then nodded. "Okay. Tell me how to get rid of this man."

"That's the thing. You can't get rid of him. You now know how capable he is. It's not just Shining Company that he wants but also Sheryl..." Holley smiled and looked at Leila.

Knowing how Leila hated Sheryl, Holley thought if she could send that woman into Ferry's arms, Leila could vent her anger and also help herself. So why not go ahead with it?

However, Leila didn't think of it that way. Upon hearing Sheryl's name, she felt more jealous of her.

'Why do all men want Sheryl? What good quality does she have to stand out like that? Why are all of them loyal to her?'

Thinking about it, Leila clenched her fists and looked at Holley ferociously. "I won't let Sheryl be with Ferry. I'd rather she dies or let him threaten me forever than let them be together."

"But why? Is it not good?" Holley was confused as she thought it was hitting two birds with one stone.

Leila suddenly glared at Holley ruthlessly. "If Ferry really loves her, do you think Sheryl would let him keep me alive?"

All of a sudden, Holley realized what Leila was trying to say.

She understood that she had made a mistake to flatter Leila. How could she miss that point?

Seeing that Leila didn't look so well, Holley decided to keep her mouth shut. She didn't dare to speak anymore.

After a few minutes, they parted in discord at last.

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