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   Chapter 1846 Show Her

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Holley was quick to take action. After her call with Ferry ended, she immediately asked someone to follow Leila.

She didn't have Leila's schedule, but she somehow managed to find it out.

Then she sent it to Ferry.

When the message popped up on Ferry's phone, a sinister smile made its way to his face.

'Leila, everyone says that you're a determined and capable woman.

Well then, let me see how capable you are!' Ferry thought to himself.

The next day, Leila had her breakfast in the Lu's residence.

After having a brief chat with Melissa, she drove to work.

She parked her car in the underground car park of her company. The moment she pushed the car door open, she had a premonition that there was someone behind her. As she turned her head, she felt a sharp pain at the back of her neck. That was the last thing she knew before she fainted.

When she woke up again, she found that she had been tied up with ropes. All around her there was nothing but darkness. She didn't dare to make a sound. Gradually, she was becoming accustomed to the darkness and started to understand her surroundings. She gathered that she was locked in a worn-out cottage, probably located somewhere in the wild.

With certainty, she knew there was no other human being present in the room. But outside, she could vaguely hear some voices.

As she concentrated on the voices, she found that a few men were speaking in a hushed tone. However, it was hard for her to decipher their exact words. 'Who could have done this to me?' she wondered.

No matter how hard she tried to listen, it was beyond impossible to make sense of their words. After a few failed attempts, she decided to give up.

It was uncomfortable being tied. Her whole body felt sore. She wanted to change into a more comfortable position, but she didn't dare to move. The slightest move could create a loud noise. Afraid that the men would be notified that she had woken up, she tried to remain seated in the same position.

After some time, Leila heard footsteps approaching. It turned out someone was coming.

As the footsteps got closer, Leila's heart began to beat faster. Eyes wide open, she stared at the door; and her heart was literally pounding like a drum!

Suddenly, a bright light fell on Leila's face. Ou

it wasn't Charles. But he didn't want Leila to run the company either, because he worried Charles would take it from her once he was back. Under the circumstance, the most plausible thing to do was to ruin it.

Leila quickly began to weigh the pros and cons. She didn't want Ferry to get suspicious, so she quickly nodded and agreed, "Okay. I'll do it."

Ferry smiled at the swift response. Surely, he wasn't dumb enough to take Leila's word for it. He was well-aware about how crafty this woman was.

In this situation, Leila's priority was to survive; hence, she wasted no time before she agreed to Ferry's terms. As for whether she would truly have to heed to Ferry's orders once she was freed wasn't her concern at all.

"Leila, do you think I am just going to believe you?" Ferry firmly fixed his eyes on Leila.

"What are you talking about?" Leila didn't dare look back into his eyes, afraid that her hidden thoughts would be exposed to the man.

Ferry snapped his fingers. This small action prompted a man to enter the room.

"Sir." The man bowed to Ferry.

"Show her," Ferry ordered. In order to ensure that Leila would keep her words, he had something planned.

There was no way that Leila would help him out of her own will. Hence, before he kidnapped her, he had found her weak spot. Only with that in hand, he would be able to make Leila work for him.

Leila had no idea what Ferry was going to show her. Curious, she gazed at the thing intently.

On discovering what it was, her pupils dilated.

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