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   Chapter 1844 Feeling Guilty

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Although Sheryl had been busy worrying about Charles these days, she also knew about what had happened between Nick and Cassie. Seeing him waiting at the ground floor in low spirits, she felt a bit concerned about him.


"Hey, Sher, you have finished your work," answering Sheryl feebly, Nick motioned for her to get inside the car in a hurry. She followed him without a word.

"Nick, what are you doing here?" Sheryl asked as soon as she got inside.

"I drove Cassie back home and happened to pass by, so I came to see you. I saw Isla a while ago, and she said you are still in the office, so I waited. Let me drive you home." Glancing at Nick, Sheryl thought he looked much better now. He didn't seem as low as he had been earlier.

Confused by his sudden change in expression, Sheryl couldn't help but ask, "Nick, are you sure you and Cassie are okay?" Sheryl knew Nick well enough to know that if she didn't ask, he wouldn't tell her anything.

"Sher, the truth is, I've come to you because I need your help. I don't know how to talk with Cassie." Nick looked at Sheryl helplessly, depression clouding his eyes.

His expression scared Sheryl, making her feel unwell. However, she still nodded and waited for him to continue.

"Sher, you must have known what happened between me and Cassie recently, right?" Nick appeared to be driving carefully, literally driving slower than usual, as he focused on what he was going to say next.

"Nick, please, pull over." Feeling worried that something would go wrong, Sheryl advised Nick to stop the car first.

Nick sighed and immediately stopped the car upon hearing Sheryl's request.

Afterwards, Nick could no longer control himself. Holding his head with both hands, he suddenly started crying.

Sitting next to him, Sheryl was at a loss and didn't know what to do. She just let him cry his heart out.

After crying for a while, Nick asked between sobs, "Sher, you know what? I have never been so sad in my life."

"What on earth has happened?" Sheryl asked, feeling so nervous about where the conversation was going. She just wanted Nick to tell her at once why he was acting that way.

"Cassie wanted to break up with me today." Nick was a man and had never felt so bad.

Looking at him, Sheryl felt restless. 'Hadn't they sort

he tell her?

Trying to answer that question, Sheryl felt even more helpless. Knowing that worrying would do her no good, she decided to give up and forced herself to go get some sleep.

Meanwhile, in the hospital in Malaysia, Charles was again faced with another problem.

After that day, Angel still came to the hospital frequently, attentively bringing Charles food, as if nothing had happened.

Despite being refused by Charles several times already, Angel continued to turn a deaf ear, so he decided not to waste time talking with her. Charles continued with his cold treatment towards her, but she didn't seem to mind.

At the same time, Charles couldn't say anything straightforward to her because Franklin had already apologized to him about the incident.

"Angel, the food in the hospital is actually nice. So you don't really need to bring food for me in the future." Charles tried not to repeat himself, but he couldn't control himself. It was not the first time that he rejected her kindness.

Hearing Charles' comment, Angel felt embarrassed but still forced a smile. "Charles, you are my father's guest. I know that I was at fault last time, and I hope you have forgiven me. I am trying my best to be nice to you now because I feel guilty. I don't have any other intention."

Knowing that Charles would have doubted her, Angel wanted to make it clear so he would let her stay.

Looking at Angel's sad expression, Charles felt guilty. 'Am I overthinking?' he wondered to himself, but his gut told him he wasn't.

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