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   Chapter 1841 True Or False

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Charles knew that Angel was deeply upset inside, but he hadn't expected her to act this strong.

Charles felt relieved now that he'd told Angel this.

However, Angel was angry when she left the hospital. She decided to go home.

Franklin just got off work. When he arrived home, he saw Angel sitting on the sofa, looking upset. He was worried and approached her, asking, "What's up?"

"Daddy, Charles said that he loves his wife forever. I haven't even told him that I loved him yet, and he's already rejected me. What is he trying to do?" Angel said angrily. She was sobbing as she spoke.

Franklin couldn't help but empathize with Angel as she cried.

He gently held Angel in his arms and comforted her. When she finally stopped crying, he said, "Don't cry. There's no use crying, okay?"

"No use? What else can I do? I really love Charles. I don't want to give up. He's the first man that I've loved." Angel looked at Franklin, her eyes reddened. Franklin was concerned.

His daughter was the apple of his eye. As a father, he couldn't just let this slide. It grieved him to see his daughter so miserable.

"Don't worry. I'll help you."

"Really?" Angel's face lit up upon hearing this. She looked at Franklin expectantly.

"Well, let me think about it." Franklin knew he needed to tell Angel what to do or who knows what she would do?

Angel knew that Franklin was thinking, so she merely stared at him.

After a while, Franklin let out a sigh of relief as he looked at Angel.

The look on his face made Angel more anxious. She shook his arms and said, "Don't just look at me like that. Please, say something, Daddy."

"Relax!" Franklin looked at Angel till she had calmed down. Then he continued, "If you sleep with Charles, then maybe he'll treat you better."

e could trust with him here tonight.

In Franklin's home

When Angel arrived home, she was anxious and out of breath.

Franklin looked at her. He assumed that things hadn't gone well, so he asked urgently, "What happened?"

"Nothing happened, Dad. Everything's fine. Are you sure your drug's going to work?" Angel was still worried, and she just wanted to be sure.

Franklin nodded confidently as he responded, "Of course, it will. Don't worry."

"Okay, okay." Angel was relieved upon hearing this confirmation from Franklin.

When Franklin checked his watch, he urged Angel to go back to the hospital right away.

"All right, Dad. I'm going now." As Angel thought what would happen next, her cheeks flushed.

Franklin didn't even know if what he was doing was right or wrong, but, as a father, he knew that he had to do what he could to make his daughter happy. He didn't care about anything else.

"All right, go on. I'll come visit tomorrow." Franklin smiled as he watched Angel leave.

The night approached.

Charles lay on his bed. His body was very hot, so he thought he might have gotten a fever. Just as he was about to call the nurse, the door was pushed open.

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