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   Chapter 1840 I'm Available Anytime

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6999

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Angel could feel that Charles disliked her, but she didn't worry about it at all. She'd found out from her father that Sheryl wanted to divorce Charles. Soon, he was going to be a single man again, so she was confident as she made a move on him. All she needed to do was show him that she cared for him.

"Charles, the weather is so nice today. Would you like to take a walk with me in the garden?" Angel proposed. The promising future of her relationship with Charles encouraged her somehow. Angel didn't hold herself back as she reached out to touch Charles' arm, even though she could clearly tell that Charles wasn't interested in her. She ignored this and continued to touch his arm.

Since she insisted, Charles wouldn't be so rude to refuse her. With Angel holding his arm, Charles walked out to the garden.

"I'm fine now, Angel. You can leave and go about your day," Charles said.

He didn't want to be alone with Angel. He knew what she wanted from him, even though she didn't say anything. He could just tell how she was acting and looking at him.

"I don't really have anything else to do," Angel said gently. As she spoke, she approached Charles, so that she was closer to him.

A scowl appeared on Charles' face. He briskly walked, brushing past Angel, not giving her a chance to touch him.

After they returned to the ward, Angel started to wash the fruit for Charles, without even asking him whether he wanted them or not.

Charles was irritable as Angel had tried a bit too hard to take care of him. He couldn't bring himself to be honest with her and tell her that he wasn't interested.

"I'm tired!" Charles said abruptly. He couldn't ask Angel to leave because she was Franklin's daughter. Her father had saved his life, so he couldn't just treat her like that.

Angel was well aware that Charles wanted her to leave soon, but she ignored this and played dumb.

"Okay. I won't disturb you. You can rest. I'll leave after you've fallen asleep." Angel smiled at Charles. Then she approached him and sat on his bed so that she could watch him as he slept.

and he felt like she was already crossing the line. It was so obvious that she just liked him, which was why she was doing this. As much as he didn't want to be so bold and tell her off, he knew he needed to. So he gathered his courage and said, "Angel, I'm married. You know that, right?"

"Yes, I do. So what? I can't be nice to you?" Angel said lightly.

With his eyebrows tightly knitted, Charles looked at Angel and sighed, "Angel, you're a great girl. You're kindhearted, and you're good at taking care of people, like my wife, Sher. But she's the woman that I love, and no one else."

He had to specifically say that she had no chance with him. She should know that by now.

Angel lowered her head, without answering him. He thought that he might have been too straightforward, so he continued, "Angel, you'll find a man who loves you one day. I'm sure you'll find happiness."

"Well, I know that. Don't worry, Charles. Even though I love you, it doesn't mean that I have to be with you. I just want to take care of you," Angel said, staring at Charles with her innocent eyes.

Charles was relieved to hear this. Then he continued, "That's good. Thanks for the food. Just give it to me. I can take care of myself."

He took the bowl from Angel and started to eat.

After this conversation, Angel grew quiet. She excused herself and left after Charles had finished eating.

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