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   Chapter 1839 I Can Walk By Myself.

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Cora knew her brother very well. He always found it very difficult to let go. He was the type to hold grudges and backlash. But with Jordan being her only relative, Cora didn't want anything to happen to him. She begged Cassie to forgive him.

"Cora, I'm not mad. And I have nothing against Jordan. It's just…If he continues this nonsense, I don't know what else to do." Cassie knew that even if she kept forgiving Jordan, it wouldn't make things any better. If you gave Jordan an inch, he would take a mile. Cora should teach Jordan a lesson and let him know that there would be consequences for his behavior; hence, they drove Cora to Jordan's place.

"You're right, Cassie. Please, be assured. I know what you mean, and I promise you that such a thing will never happen again. I will talk to him. If he doesn't listen to me and continues to bother you, then you can do whatever you want. I'll not stop you," Cora said, sounding both sincere and disappointed at the same time. She wondered why such a thing would happen at all. She was confused. Why would Jordan have to do such a thing? Was it the only way he could find to make himself feel better?

"I appreciate your understanding, Cora. It's getting late now. Why don't you go inside? I should be leaving too." Cassie felt the situation was getting a bit awkward. She just wanted to avoid any further dispute with Cora because of Jordan. She thought it would be more appropriate to part politely.

Cora didn't oppose her either. She stepped out of the car. After Cassie and Nick drove away, Cora walked towards the house. Upon reaching it, instead of going upstairs, Cora went to meet Jordan.

Jordan's face was sore. Cora felt sad to see the bruises on Jordan's face. She rushed to him and walked him inside. She asked in a concerned tone, "Jordan, what happened? How did you get hurt?"

"What happened!!! That damn Nick. I won't let him off the hook so easily. He has to pay for what he did today!" Jordan sneered at the very mention of Nick. There were fires burning in his eyes.

As Jordan vented out his anger, Cassie's words kept echoing in Cora's mind. She turned to Jordan with a stern look and reprimanded him, "Jordan, Nick has nothing to do with your situation. Why did you frame him?" said Cora.

"Framed him? Me? Had it not been for that worthless Nick, Cassie would have been with me. She is mine. But Nick took her away from me! It is because of Nick that I could not get Cassie back." Jordan gritted his teeth, pointing his fingers at himself. He blamed Nick for everything bad that happened to him.

However, Cora knew what Jordan said was not the reality. But her brother was just too stubborn to see any reason.

Cora tried to make him understand and move on. However, she felt that her words were falling on deaf ears. At the time when Cora was speaking to him, he was lost in his thoughts, scheming about his next move. Ultimately Cora gave up on him.

She said to him, "Jordan, do whatever you want. I'

ssa an excuse and turned her phone off, in case Holley would call her again.

After the call got disconnected, Holley called Leila's number once again and found it to be turned off. Holley flung her phone on the ground angrily.

"Damn it! Leila!" Holley knew that Leila was sorted with both Shining Company and Dream Garden under her control. She did not need Holley's help anymore. So there was nothing much Holley could do about the situation right now. All she could do was put up with Leila's arrogance and wait.

Holley caressed her belly and could feel a downward pull in her heart. Her face became grim. It had been three months since she had broken the news of her pregnancy to the Hu family. She couldn't fake her pregnancy forever. What should she do?

She knew Ferry wouldn't help her now, especially after she failed to get the project. She was all alone now.

Suddenly Holley's face lit up with a determined look. She knew what to do now. It seemed that she had to carry out that plan. Holley made up her mind.

In the hospital in Malaysia

Charles was going to the garden to breathe in some fresh air. When he got out of his bed, he saw Angel walking into his ward with a fruit basket. He was taken aback at this impromptu visit by Angel. Yet he did not show his surprise on his face. Instead, he said, "You don't need to visit me every day, Angel."

"It's not a big deal, Charles. I don't have much work to do anyway. Besides, I'm worried about you,"

Angel replied with a smile as she walked to Charles. She put down the basket and grabbed Charles' arms, wanting to walk him to the garden. But Charles gently pushed her away.

He nodded and smiled at her politely before he walked out of the ward.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Angel paced ahead to catch up with Charles.

"Charles, let me help you."

"No, thank you. I can walk by myself, Angel," Charles said in a detached manner and kept walking, not caring whether Angel could keep up with his pace.

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