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   Chapter 1838 Can You Forgive Him

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Cassie looked at Nick. They'd been together for so long that she could easily tell what he was thinking just by looking at him. At that moment, she nodded and said firmly, "Let's go in. We have to clarify things to him."

After that, Cassie headed to the house Nick was pointing to. Soon, she was by the entryway directly in front of the door.

As they looked around the place, both Nick and Cassie were surprised to find how shabby it was. They'd never expected for Jordan to live in a place like this.

Cassie turned to look at Nick, who was right behind her. She gave him a confused look.

When they looked at each other, Nick nodded knowingly and whispered, "I don't know either. This is my first time here. We'll find out what's going on when we knock on the door and ask him ourselves."

Afterward, Nick knocked on Jordan's door.

Soon, somebody opened the door.

When Cassie saw an untidy man with messy hair opening the door, she was shocked.

The man was badly dressed, but she still recognized him. It was Jordan!

Nick couldn't help but feel worried, so he wrapped his arms around Cassie. He coldly looked at Jordan.

"What? You haven't broken up yet?" It seemed as if Jordan didn't expect that they'd be here together. While his tone was sarcastic, the surprise on his face was undeniable.

Nick said angrily, "Wow, man! You've hit rock bottom. That 10 thousand you gave to that woman must've been all the money you had left."

Jordan was furious upon hearing this. Nick looked down on him, and he wasn't going to let him get away with it. He clenched his fists and lashed out.

Nick wasn't taken by surprise, and he was able to respond immediately.

Jordan didn't expect Nick to dodge so quickly, and he fell on the floor.

As Jordan sat on the floor, he looked up at Nick, who had a smug smile on his face. He grew furious again. He got up a


Cora's reaction made Cassie feel awkward. Suddenly she didn't know what to say.

Nick noticed Cassie's hesitation and then looked at Cora. He asked, "Did your brother get into an accident recently?"

"How do you know that?" Upon hearing this, the smile on Cora's face was replaced with a frown.

Cassie glanced at Nick and then turned to Cora with concern. "Cora, what happened to him? Tell me."

Cora raised her head and glumly looked at Cassie. She sighed and then replied, "My brother's rich girlfriend dumped him. I don't know why. He was fired because of a few mistakes he made at work. I haven't seen him in so long. Why are you suddenly asking about him? Is he in trouble?"

She knew for a fact that Nick wouldn't just ask her about her brother for no reason. Something must have happened to Jordan.

Cassie hesitated and wondered if she should tell Cora everything.

After a pause, Cassie decided to tell Cora everything.

When Cora had finally heard everything, she looked at Cassie in disbelief. She grabbed her hand and looked at her apologetically as she spoke. "Cassie, I'm so sorry. I don't know what's gotten into my brother. I didn't know that you and Nick were fighting because of him. Will you forgive my brother?"

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