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   Chapter 1837 The News

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Franklin sounded anxious over the phone, and it worried Angel. She bit her lip as she wondered what happened. Without another thought, Angel got into her car and drove home as fast as she could.

"Dad, what's wrong? You sounded worried," she asked, still trying to catch her breath.

"Come have a look at this," he said excitedly and gestured for her to come over.

Angel felt a little annoyed but didn't display her impatience. Walking over to where her father sat, Angel took the phone in his hand and looked at what was causing his excitement.

The title immediately caught Angel's attention.

She didn't think Charles was so famous in China. She also didn't know that he was the CEO of a huge company. But more importantly, his marriage was falling apart. He and his wife were getting a divorce, and practically everyone knew about it.

"Dad, is it true?" Angel asked in disbelief. Would she finally get her chance? If what the news said was true, then she could use this time to make Charles fall in love with her. It would be like killing two birds with one stone. She could marry the man she loved and climb up the social ladder.

"It is!" Franklin nodded enthusiastically. "Everyone in China knows about it. And you know what else? It's Sheryl who pushed Charles. This is our chance now. As far as I know, Charles' wife is desperate to divorce him. There's nothing else he can do to save his marriage."

Franklin loved his daughter and would do anything for her. He had been racking his brain for ways to set his daughter up with the young CEO the moment he found out that Angel had a crush on Charles. Much to his disappointment, however, Charles was married. But it was a different story now! Charles was getting divorced.

"What are we going to do now?" Angela asked. "Do we have a plan? I'll do whatever you tell me, Daddy."

Glad that Angela was supportive of his idea, he leaned towards her and began to whisper his plan.

Inside Lansh Technology, a man sat in his office, looking up at the ceiling.

It had been eight days since Cassie stopped talking to him, and it was driving Nick crazy. He knew it had to stop now or he wouldn't be able to do much else, other than obsessing about Cassie, which was why he decided to go

found that woman as well as the person who was behind all of it. Do you want to come and see that person?" Nick asked Cassie. He seriously hoped Cassie would believe him and give him another chance.

"Who?" In all honesty, Cassie knew Nick wouldn't cheat on her. But she also knew this wouldn't be the last time something like this happened, and she didn't know whether her heart could take any more in the future.

"Jordan," Nick said without hesitation.

Cassie was surprised to hear this. She had honestly thought that Jordan would stop bothering them after what had happened with Cora. Besides, wasn't he dating that rich woman? Why would Jordan do such a thing to Nick? She felt so confused.

Suddenly, something clicked in Nick's mind, and everything started to make sense. "Come with me," he told Cassie, "You'll understand everything when you see Jordan."

Nick sounded so sincere that Cassie found it hard to decline. With a nod of her head, she got into his car.

She wanted to know what happened to Jordan herself.

Nick tried to make small talk, but Cassie remained quiet.

Getting the hint that Cassie didn't want to talk, Nick shut his mouth and stepped on the gas pedal just a bit harder.

The sooner they saw Jordan, the sooner he could win back Cassie's trust.

They arrived shortly after.

"Jordan's inside. Would you like to go in now?" Nick asked, knowing Jordan would say something to get under their skin. He needed to be prepared for that, and so did Cassie.

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