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   Chapter 1836 Gossip

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"Are you listening to me?" Leila asked while she gazed at Holley with a stern look.

"Yes, go ahead and shoot!" Holley answered reluctantly. She had her arms folded across her chest. No matter what, her mind was still restless for an explanation. The thought of listening to Leila's unnecessary prattle drained even more of her patience. Still, she wanted to know what it was that Leila was so desperate to tell her.

Leila didn't hurry to continue explaining; instead, she took out her phone and showed a picture to Holley.

"Take a look!" Leila held her phone and walked closer to Holley.

Holley had no idea what Leila intended to do, and she couldn't help but grow skeptical. Still, she shifted her eyes from Leila's face to the screen.

It was a contract from Shining Company for a price of 1.15 billion dollars. The price was the same as what Leila had told Holley. Finally, she proved to Holley that she didn't lie to her. This left Holley feeling startled. She wanted to know how the price had then changed to 1.21 billion.

"As you can see, I didn't lie to you. This contract speaks for itself. And as to why the price was replaced by 1.21 billion, I had nothing to do with it. It was all Melissa's idea…" Leila started to explain, as the frown on Holley's forehead smoothed out. That was Leila's master-plan, and she felt satisfied when she realized it was working effectively.

Holley couldn't ignore what she had seen. Now she was in a situation where she had no choice but to accept the truth. After finding out about this, Holley felt guilty about her earlier reaction. After all, Leila wasn't responsible for this. 'I shouldn't have blamed her for it. It was wrong of me to do that, ' she thought with self-reproach.

"Holley, I swear to God that I didn't lie! You know, if I had any part in this, I would have pretended to know nothing. But that is not the case. You have to believe me. This contract is concrete proof of my innocence. But there is one thing that has been bothering me. I realized you had raised the original price to 1.2 billion. Why did you do that? I don't understand. Was it because you don't trust me?"

Leila took control of the conversation. Now the tables had turned, and Holley was the offender.

As she had expected, Holley's face turned pale out of guilt. She couldn't utter a single word since she was caught off-guard. A couple of times she opened her mouth to explain, but instantly decided against it.

Sensing that Holley had no intention of replying, Leila said, "Alright then. It turns out you don't trust me. Why is there a need for partnership when there is no trust? I think we should end it!" Finishing her words, Leila turned and left without looking back.

Watching Leila's receding figure, Holley was seething with frustration.

Her anxiety awoke when she recalled Ferry's intimidating words. The thought of it brought fear all over her body. She felt a chilly shiver creeping up her spine. For a second, she thought that Ferry was standing right behind her.

Back at the Shinni

e CEO of the Shining Company. His wife, Sheryl, is a hot topic as well. That woman is flirtatious. It is reported that she slept with plenty of other men behind Charles' back. And now, she has tried to kill him! Probably to get rid of him. Isn't this outrageous news? If her relationship with her husband had hit the rocks, she could just ask for a legal divorce! But no, she has to commit murder. What a wretched woman!"

Listening to this, Franklin felt something flash into his mind. He sank deep into contemplation. His mind muted his friend's words. Ignoring what his friend was continuing to say, his mind was busy connecting the dots. Suddenly, the frown on his forehead smoothed out. He realized he couldn't share this with his friend. With a smile, he abruptly suggested, "My old fellow, I am so sorry to tell you that I've just remembered something. How about we continue this topic another day? I am so sorry."

"Are you all right? What's the matter?"

Franklin's sudden change of demeanor struck his friend as being a little strange.

"I have an important issue to handle. I can't mention it to anyone right now. Sorry, but I almost forgot about it earlier. Let me show you out!" Franklin didn't leave his friend a chance to know the reason and bid him farewell with a goodbye. After that, he sat on the chair in front of his computer desk. Swiftly, he scanned through the latest news on the internet to find the story that his friend had just mentioned.

Franklin had not been convinced until he came across Charles' picture posted by one of the local newsgroups.

In no time, a pleased smile crossed Franklin's face. After reading the content of the news, Franklin was certain that Charles and Sheryl's marriage was indeed at stake. In his view, it was just a matter of time before one of them would ask for a divorce.

The reason that Franklin felt so elated was because he knew it would be a great opportunity for his daughter, Angel. Realizing he had to seize the chance, he immediately called his daughter.

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