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   Chapter 1835 Are You Trying To Fool Me

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At the auction, it wasn't just Shining Company and Tarsan Corporation. Instead several other local and famous enterprises also showed up. Their presence made this a fierce competition.

If Holley didn't know her bottom price, she would have been doubtful about her victory.

In the end, the project party announced the names of the two companies that were shortlisted. Without any doubt, Tarsan Corporation and Shining Company were left. Now they had to compete against each other.

Holley had been sure about their success; hence, she shot Leila a complacent smile.

Without changing her expression, Leila nodded at her, and Holley felt relieved. 'At last, everything is going as per our plan, ' she thought happily.

Leila's glance shifted from Holley to Melissa. She began to whisper to her seriously.

Holley was far away from them and couldn't hear what they were talking about. She stopped worrying and waited for the last biding price wholeheartedly.

"Leila, is this price too high?" Melissa looked at Leila with a worry-filled expression.

Leila smiled and responded with assurance, "Aunt Melissa, don't worry. If we want to get this project, we have to offer a high price. Otherwise, somebody else will get a hold of this. We will be left with nothing; while they make a profit of more than two billion."

Successfully, Leila managed to fool Holley. But she couldn't let go of the feeling of unease. She knew if something went wrong because of Melissa, then her efforts would be in vain.

Melissa continued to fidget in her seat. After all, 1.21 billion was not a small amount of money, and the Shining Company didn't have so much floating capital. Even if they ended up getting this project, it would still be a burdensome task to mobilize the resources.

"Aunt Melissa, you need to trust me. I love Charles so much. How could I even think of making Shining Company bankrupt?" Leila looked at Melissa gently. But deep down, Leila's patience was running out. If Melissa continued to question her, then Leila would undoubtedly end up showing the old woman her true color.

Fortunately, Melissa decided to let the matter go. She merely stared at Leila and nodded her head.

"Well, everyone, I believe that all of you want to know which company has gotten the development rights. Now, let the leader in charge of this auction declare the res

ost famous coffee shop in the city, and plenty of beautiful and wealthy ladies preferred it over any of the other coffee shops. Everyone loved to sit there because it was a way of showing off their social status.

Soon Leila reached Mannland, and Holley was already waiting for her.

From a distance, Leila caught a glimpse of Holley's face. She could notice the disdainful expression in her eyes. In an instant, she was standing next to Holley.

"Leila, so tell me. I am giving you a chance to explain. If you don't give me an explanation today, you will be dead meat," Holley blurted as soon as she noticed Leila. Having no control over her emotions, she pounded the table. People nearby began to look at her, but she didn't give a damn.

Such a reaction made Leila feel awkward. She tried her best to look composed. A fake smile was plastered on her face.

"Why are you smiling?" Holley roared angrily.

Seeing that Leila could still laugh, Holley's anger became manifold. She immediately went for the coffee mug with an urge to splash it on Leila.

"Holley, are you sure you are going to do this? There are so many people around. If somebody finds out that the general manager of Tarsan Corporation is acting like a maniac, don't you think it will tarnish your company's reputation?"

Leila was certain that Holley wouldn't take such drastic action. And to her delight, Holley's grasp on the mug loosened.

Slowly, she set it back on the table. But the fierce expression continued to stay on Holley's face. She couldn't forgive Leila for what she had done.

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