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   Chapter 1833 What Made You Call Me

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Holley was lost in thought after she kicked the secretary out of her office. The chances were very faint for her to bag such a big project. Still, there could be some hope if Ferry agreed to help her.

Even though Holley had very little hope of getting help from Ferry, he was the only one she could think of. Hence, she decided to give it a try.

She took out her phone and dialed Ferry's number.

Ferry was taking a rest in his mansion. He just learned about Charles' sudden disappearance from his subordinate in Malaysia. It was not good news for Ferry. It had been a week now that the Malaysian police had been looking for Charles. Yet they could not find any trace of Charles anywhere. Ferry thought that there was little chance of Charles having survived.

He was just basking in this happy thought when his phone rang. He looked at Holley's number flashing on the screen and answered the call immediately. Even before Holley could speak, Ferry blurted, "Did you help Leila to take down the Shining Company?"

"Not yet. But I've come up with a full proof plan to destroy the Shining Company," Holley took a deep breath as she replied to Ferry. She was afraid that Ferry could see through her.

"Oh, really? What is this full proof plan of yours? Tell me. I am eager to know." Ferry became curious to hear about Holley's plan.

"The Shining Company is bidding on a big project right now, in which they have invested most of their money. If I can win this project, the Shining Company would lose a great deal of money, which would lead to a huge crisis in their cash flow." Holley tried to sound confident, yet could not help feeling anxious about making her idea sound convincing enough for Ferry to agree to help her.

After finishing her words, Holley waited with bated breath, as there was complete silence from Ferry's end. After a while, Holley felt Ferry would turn her down. In fact, she was skeptical of being reprimanded by Ferry for making such a proposal. Immediately, she explained anxiously, "If you don't think it's a good idea, I will drop it."

"No, no, no, it's brilliant. The Tarsan Corporation is flush with cash. It's like lifting a finger for you to win that project, isn't it?" Ferry smiled as he spoke to Holley. It seemed that he was fully supportive of Holley.

Holley could barely believe what she heard. She looked at her phone to make sure that she was sti

're the CEO? You're just a mistress. I don't even want to work for you. You make me sick. Let's wait and see what happens to you when President Lu is back. No matter what happens, he will never accept you as his beloved woman."

The secretary slammed the door and stormed out, with her head up high.

Leila went crazy when she heard the secretary. She grabbed a few files and threw them at the door to vent her anger.

Right at that moment, her phone rang. Leila picked up her phone from the table and answered impatiently, raising her voice, "Who is it?"

"Oh, my God, Leila! You sound so mad! What happened?" It was none other than Holley on the other side. Finding Leila in an angry state gave her pleasure. She loved to see Leila suffer.

"What made you call me?" Leila lowered her voice and asked in a cold tone. Leila was still seething in rage, and she didn't want to waste her time on Holley.

"Okay then. I'll cut straight to the chase. I know that the Shining Company is bidding on a project. Just tell me the reserve price. I have to get the project this time," Holley said to Leila determinedly, confident that Leila would listen to her, and tell her the price very easily.

Leila's face turned grim. She hadn't known that Holley was interested in the project too. Leila would have listened to Holley and told her the price if it was in the past. But the situation was different now. After Charles went missing, she had taken over the Shining Company. Leila no longer needed Holley's help. Leila was the boss now. And she was not obliged to obey Holley's instructions anymore.

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