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   Chapter 1831 Speculation

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"I have an idea," Isla said after a moment of deep thought. She was confident that she had found the key to solving Sheryl's problem.

"You can go back to work, Nick. Rest assured that I'll take care of everything,"

Isla promised Nick, who eventually yielded and promptly returned to his work at Lansh Technology.

After Nick had left the building, Isla made a phone call. Then she took a deep breath and knocked on Sheryl's door.

It was the first time that she had done this. Ever since she and Sheryl had met, there wasn't ever a time when Isla felt as though she needed to knock before coming into Sheryl's office. She felt strange doing this now.

"Isla, what's wrong with you?" Sheryl shot Isla a confused look before eventually smiling. She also found it weird that her friend had to knock. Then, she realized why. "Isla, you don't have to worry about me. Seriously, I'm fine."

"Maybe so, but I'm not going to take your word for it. You have to prove to me that you're fine." Isla knew Sheryl too well. She knew how to wear her down.

"Right. You're right. What can I do to prove it to you?" Sheryl was beginning to worry a little.

These days, she had noticed that people were excessively cautious around her. It appeared as though they wanted to avoid irritating her or triggering a specific reaction. It made her sad, but now, an opportunity had presented itself. Now she had the chance to free these people from their worries.

When Sheryl realized this, she felt a spark of joy. She slowly walked toward Isla, held out both of her hands, and said earnestly, "Isla, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made you worry."

"It's okay. I'll feel assured that you're doing better if you come with me. There's someone I'd like you to meet," Isla said with an unnaturally somber voice.

"Okay. Who is it?"

Sheryl asked. The conversation was beginning to make her anxious, and she needed to know who this enigmatic person was.

"You'll know soon." Isla smiled mysteriously. Then, she pulled Sheryl's hand. They needed to go now.

Sheryl thought that Isla must have had her reasons for not telling her right away who the person was. She didn't ask any more questions. Instead, she dutifully followed her friend out the door.

During the drive, Isla studied Sheryl, but she found nothing unusual. Sheryl no longer looked sa

Xia, please, go inside."

Mr. Xu said. He gestured to an assistant, who promptly approached and led Sheryl into the room. Mr. Xu did not enter with them. Instead, he turned to Isla and pulled her to the side.

Sheryl stopped inside the room. She turned back. Panic overcame her when she realized that Isla was still outside and that she hadn't walked in with her. Her voice trembled as she spoke, "Isla, aren't you coming?"

"You go on ahead. I'll be right there in a bit. Don't worry. It'll be alright." Isla smiled to comfort her friend. She saw the panic in Sheryl's eyes.

Sheryl felt less worried now. She managed a smile and went with the assistant into the room.

Once Sheryl was inside, Isla looked back at Mr. Xu. She asked, nervously, "What do you think? Deep hypnosis? I want to know what on earth Sheryl is thinking."

"No problem. I'm an expert," Mr. Xu assured her, patting her on the back. In a way, his confidence comforted Isla. She watched him saunter into the room.

Everyone except Isla was now inside the room. It was protocol. She had to wait outside until Sheryl had fallen asleep. Of course, Sheryl wouldn't really be sleeping. She would be in a state of hypnosis.

Moments later, the assistant peaked out from behind the curtains and invited Isla in.

Mr. Xu had told everyone not to say a word, as he alone could speak. Isla knew the rules. When she went in, not only did she refrain from speaking, she also watched her breathing lest it disturbed the process. She was going to do everything it took to help her friend.

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