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   Chapter 1829 What Did You Do

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Nick had called Cassie because he had wanted to show her evidence that would help clear his name. But unfortunately, Cassie wasn't even willing to entertain a conversation with him.

Before long, Isla arrived at Nick's workplace. She didn't want to go upstairs, so she texted Nick and asked him to meet her at the reception.

"Isla, why don't we go to a coffee shop nearby?"

Nick was in low spirits, which annoyed Isla as soon as she saw him.

"Okay, get in the car. I'm driving!" Isla had no intention of letting Nick drive, especially not in the state he was in. If he got in an accident while driving, it would only add to their problems.

Neither of them uttered a single word the whole way. Fortunately, the dreadful silence didn't last long as the coffee shop wasn't too far away.

When they finally found a table to sit at because Isla couldn't stand Nick's depressive mood anymore. She slammed her fist at the table and yelled at him, "What's wrong with you? Are you giving up on Cassie already?"

"Of course not! I will never stop loving her. I know that none of this is supposed to be easy. Anyway, I have found the evidence I needed. That woman framed me on purpose. Trust me when I say this—nothing happened between us. But Cassie won't even listen to me. I don't know what else I can do." Nick looked at Isla helplessly, like a man drained of all hope.

Isla nodded her head as if to say that she understood what he was going through. "I'll talk to Cassie."

"Really?" Nick's eyes widened, and the look of joy on his face was clear as day. Now that Isla was going to help him, he couldn't stop himself from smiling.

"Yes, really! I can't stand to see you like this for another second. As a matter of fact, how could anyone?"

Isla rolled her eyes at Nick and took out her cellphone to call Cassie.

Poor Cassie wasn't feeling great herself either. It was not that she didn't trust Nick, but the man was like a magnet that attracted trouble wherever he went. If he didn't have anything to do with it, then how did the woman get the chance to frame him? No wonder she was so mad at him.

Cassie's cell phone rang again, and she nervous

y both sat up straight at the same time.

When Isla realized it was her cell phone that was ringing, she took it out of her bag to see who it was. Without saying anything, Isla sat there, staring at her phone.

"Phoebe, aren't you supposed to be watching Sheryl at this time? Why are you calling me?" The unhappy expression on Isla's face was obvious.

Phoebe, however, was so worried that she didn't care about anything else. "Ms. Zhao, I have some bad news. Ms. Xia seems to be in trouble."

"What? What's wrong with Sher?" Isla's eyes widened with concern. She stood up at once and waited for Phoebe's explanation.

"Please, come back as soon as you can!"

"Okay, I'll be there soon." Isla hung up the phone in a rush.

"Isla, what's the matter with Sher?" Nick had heard Isla's words and was also curious as to what had happened.

"I don't know. I'm going back to Cloud Advertising Company to see what's going on." Isla was in too much of a rush to explain everything to Nick. She was too anxious and worried about Sheryl to sit around and waste time.

"Are you coming with me?" Isla asked Nick because she wasn't sure if he was free or not.

"Let's go! Of course I am coming with you!"

After settling the bill, Nick walked out of the coffee shop first because he didn't want Isla to drive. He was afraid that she was too distracted to drive.

After about an hour, Isla and Nick arrived at Cloud Advertising Company.

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