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   Chapter 1828 Really

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David's eyes carried a high degree of seriousness. Suddenly, he felt relieved and washed free of all the guilt after he finally told her what he wanted to say.

"Really?" Sheryl's eyes widened, and her mouth was now agape with shock. She stood up immediately and looked at David like she couldn't believe her ears.

"Yes, I think there's a high possibility, but you can't tell anyone else just yet. After all, we still don't have any confirmation at the moment." David was afraid that Sheryl would announce the news to the whole world out of excitement, which would arouse Leila's attention. That would go against Charles' plan.

"Okay, okay. I won't tell anyone. Are you going to Malaysia now?" Sheryl's anxious gaze was fixated on David. She couldn't wait for him to go to Malaysia because she was eager to see Charles' face again.

"I will fly there when the weather gets better. All you need to do is take good care of yourself, and don't let anyone know what I've told you about President Lu," David said, reasserting the importance of keeping the news from getting leaked.

"Okay. Don't worry about that. I won't tell anyone. You can trust me!"

Sheryl felt greatly relieved after she saw David off. She couldn't remember the last time she felt this happy.

She would have taken the next flight to Malaysia herself, but she had to stay here and take care of the children.

Phoebe returned with food. When she pushed the door open, she saw Sheryl's face beaming like the sun. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head twice because she couldn't believe it. She had only been gone for a few minutes. What could have changed Sheryl into a different person in such a short time?

"Miss Xia, what happened?" Phoebe quickly put the food on the table and rushed towards Sheryl. "Miss Xia, what's wrong with you? Did something happen while I was away?"

"It's nothing, Phoebe. I've just been thinking about Charles. I need to take care of myself for him. If anything happens to me, he's going to worry, and I can't let him worry," said Sheryl.

However, the smile on Sheryl's face only stirred Phoebe's curiosity.

idn't dare to refuse because he knew that Isla was angry at the moment. If he had said one more word, he would have probably been beaten to death by Isla.

After hanging up the phone, Nick drifted off into thought before he found himself longing to hear Cassie's voice, so he called her at last.

Cassie was startled by the ringing of her phone as she was busy taking care of the patients in the hospital.

When she took her phone out and saw who was calling, she cut the call and put it on silent mode.

When she eventually finished her shift, she checked her phone to see the time and noticed that Nick was still calling her.

After a while, Cassie sighed and finally decided to answer it.

"What is it?" Cassie said in a cold voice as if Nick was her enemy.

The moment Nick heard Cassie's voice, his enthusiasm ran out the back door. His words came in uncertain stammers. "Why won't you just trust me?"

"Anything else?" Cassie's voice was still cold. Her attitude was clear. As long as Nick was going to talk about that woman, she wasn't going to have a conversation with him.

"I miss you."

"Okay then. Bye!"

Cassie immediately hung up the phone. She didn't even give him the time or opportunity to respond.

Nick sighed in exasperation, staring at his phone with a broken heart. It wasn't easy for him to find a girlfriend like Cassie, but now everything was ruined because of a woman.

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