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   Chapter 1826 Keep This Quiet

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"Is everything okay?" Charles asked with concern. Seeing that the doctor had taken so long to check on his condition, Charles tensed and worried about the result.

"Rest assured! Everything is fine. Your body is recovering at a stable pace. Still, you have suffered internal injuries, so it may take a minimum of one week to recover," the doctor replied with a reassuring smile. He could read the anxiety that was written all over Charles' face. This detailed explanation was intended to dispel all his worries.

However, Charles already knew that his body had no major problems. But he was dying to get himself out of the hospital. So this information only made him gloomier. 'Another week before I can get out of here?!' he thought unhappily.

"Are you okay?" the doctor asked, seeing the lines of worry on his face.

"Well, one week is a long time. Can't I get out of this place any earlier?" There was no way he could wait this long. He ardently hoped there was a solution to this issue. Moreover, his company probably needed him. He could only be helpful if he managed to get out of this wretched place.

But to his disappointment, he didn't receive a positive response from the doctor. The doctor merely shook his head, looking helpless. Clearly, one week was the shortest time he could promise.

"Well, alright then. Thank you for telling me this." Charles didn't intend to push the doctor further.

"Well, you must get lots of rest during this period. And don't forget to call me if you need anything!" The doctor was ready to leave after having spoken.

"Hold on for a second. Doctor, can I use your phone to make a call?" Realizing that he had lost touch with the outside world, he felt it was necessary to make a call and make sure everything was okay.


The doctor handed his phone to Charles without any hesitation.

Charles quickly took the phone and then shot the doctor an appreciative smile. Quickly, he started to dial Sheryl's number. Unfortunately, her phone was switched off.

In spite of this, Charles repeated it several times, but he only received the same voice notification. It clearly stated that Sheryl's phone was currently not available. With a sigh, he decided to try a different number. David was the first person that came to his mind. Lazily, he dialed his assistant in Shinning Company.

"Hello? What can I do for you?" David answered as he picked up the phone. Lately, he was rarely in a good mood.

"It's me, Charles," Charles answered, with a stern tone.

"Mr. Lu?" David was startled to hear the familiar voice. He rechecked his screen to ensure the phone number belonged to Malaysia. He felt more than excited and wanted to continue the conversation. There was so much he wanted to share with his boss. However, Charles cut him off, saying, "David, can you help me to get in contact with Sheryl? I just failed to get her on the line. I want you to tell her that I am okay!" Once again, Charles envisaged Sheryl, gloomily sitting somewhere. He believed gui

ss. But once Leila took control of the company, everything changed so steeply and dramatically.

"Well, Leila finally exposed her true colors. This is way too outrageous!" Charles snorted. He had always kept Leila at a distance since he knew she had an ulterior motive. Nothing about that lady had seemed right. And now, his suspicions had turned into reality. To his shock, Charles now understood why she had been feigning love and care all this while.

"What should we do now?" David asked with an expectant look. He figured that Charles had thoroughly read the situation. Unable to control himself, David nearly blurted out his proposal to have Leila fired immediately. That way, Shining Company would cease to lose more.

"Well, let's wait and see. I don't think we should take any abrupt actions," Charles replied calmly, but it was obvious that he was confident and well-prepared in his heart. David could make out that much from Charles' cold tone.

Still, David didn't know exactly what Charles had up his sleeve. In a bewildered voice, he asked, "Mr. Lu, do you already have a plan in your mind? In this dire situation, it isn't healthy to be so blindly optimistic!"

"Now that Leila is so eager to own my company, I want to see how she will handle it!" Charles' chilly face changed. His eyes looked deep, and his lips curved into a smirk. David, unfortunately, couldn't see any of this. In spite of this, he could sense Charles' determination in his voice.

"Mr. Lu, where are you now? Is it possible for us to meet anytime soon?" David dispelled the doubt in his heart since Charles had shown his absolute confidence over this issue. Even though he didn't have the smallest idea of what was brimming in Charles' mind, he still had faith in his boss. After all, Charles would want to take back Shining Company from Leila's untrustworthy hands!

"No, it's best that we don't meet for the time being. Keep this between us. Don't even mention to anyone, except Sheryl, that I am still alive, okay?"

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