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   Chapter 1815 A Servant Doesn’t Deserve Your Anger

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Isla winked at Nick, who instantly knew what she had meant, and then nodded at Sheryl. "You've heard what Nick said. Cloud Advertising Company is in a critical spot right now. Your company needs you, now more than ever. Phoebe can't handle it alone as there are so many things to take care of. Besides, your kids must miss you very much. You've been gone from home for a long time now; it's time to go home!"

She communicated her point loud and clear. Deep down, Sheryl had to agree with her. Although she had made up her mind to stay in Malaysia a little longer, she quickly changed her mind when Isla reminded her of Shirley and Clark. In the end, Sheryl promised to go back with them.

Isla felt both relieved and excited at the same time. She had been eagerly waiting for a positive answer from Sheryl, and now that she had it, Isla took her phone out and booked a plane ticket for Sheryl immediately.

However, before her flight back home, Sheryl went to the police and left them her contact information. She asked the police to reach out to her as soon as they found anything about Charles.

Isla and Sheryl passed through all the security checks at the airport. Since Charles was still lost at sea, Sheryl couldn't put her mind at ease. The thought of never seeing Charles again filled her with a feeling of unbearable sorrow. Sheryl looked back and took one last look at the gate before boarding the plane. The fact that she was going back home without Charles felt like a blow that stung her heart.

Sheryl's nose twitched, and she could feel the tears well up in her eyes.

"Sher, Charles will be fine! You have to believe that! Since we still haven't found his body anywhere, you shouldn't think negatively." Isla gave her a gentle pat on the shoulder and comforted her.

Sheryl just smiled, but she didn't say a word. After forcing herself to buck up, she stopped weeping and boarded the plane.

In Melissa's hotel room

Melissa anxiously paced back and forth in the room without pause. It was as if she had caught fire and was desperately trying to put it out.

Leila couldn't help but feel a little annoyed. Watching aside, Melissa's action messed up Leila's thoughts.

Having run out of patience, Leila decided to stop her and bring up her idea. She grabbed Melissa's arm and said, "Aunt Melissa, we can't just keep moving around in this small room aimlessly. We have to come up with an idea and take the necessary actions as soon as possible! Here is what I think! Maybe we shouldn't put our full attention on Charles. The company is without a leader, and that means chaos will be knocking at the door soon. You have to step up and take control of the situation. We can't stay here and waste our precious time. We must go back. We can still ask the police to contact us if they find anything."

Melissa's face turned pale, and she sank into deep contemplation. She wanted to keep waiting until her son was found so she could take him back home, but Leila's proposition carried enough pragmatism to convince her otherwise. The situation at hand was a lot more complicated as this was no longer only about Charles, but also the future of Shining Company. After mulling it over for a while, Melissa arrived at a decision. "Yes, Leila. You're right. We should h

ere breathing with one lung. Finding it hard to keep standing, they dropped all their bags on the floor and threw themselves on the sofa in the living room.

Nancy was surprised to see them like that. She quickly rushed over to help them with their luggage. When she noticed that Charles wasn't with them, Nancy asked curiously, "Did Mr. Lu go back to the company already?"

Her kind solicitude invited indignation from Melissa. In an instant, Melissa's face turned livid. She pointed her finger at Nancy and shouted, "Don't pretend as if you know nothing! You must be happy with my son's misfortune! I know you and Sheryl exchange information on the sly. You are Sheryl's spy!"

Nancy had no idea what Melissa was talking about. Whatever Melissa had accused her of only left her more baffled. Still, Nancy endured it patiently and politely said, "Madam, excuse me, what's wrong? Did something happen to Mr. Lu?"

No matter what Nancy tried to say to show her concern over Charles, Melissa only considered her gesture as putting on airs and graces. In a fit of rage she shoved Nancy away and said, "Really? Okay, my son was pushed into the sea by Sheryl, and now he is still missing! Are you happy to hear it from me personally?"

Nancy couldn't believe her ears. She looked at Melissa blankly, and her mouth was agape, reflecting the complete astonishment in her heart.

Melissa continued, "Nancy, if anything happens to Charles, both you and Sheryl will suffer! You'd better pray for my son's safety, or else, I swear, by the time I am done with you, you'll wish you had never met me!"

Nancy knew that most of the anger Melissa had bottled up in her heart was actually against Sheryl. She just happened to pull the cork by accident, and now she had to endure the explosion of emotions, like a doormat for Melissa to vent her anger on.

Leila rushed to calm Melissa down from her outburst. With a gentle smile, she approached Melissa and said, "Aunt Melissa, don't waste your energy on her. A servant doesn't deserve your anger. Please, just try to calm down!"

"Nancy, set the table! We'll be having dinner shortly!" Leila turned around to face Nancy and gave her an order.

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