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   Chapter 1814 Unable To Help

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"What? Something's wrong? What's wrong? How is Sher doing?" Isla felt as if her heart had skipped a beat. She could feel her chest tightening.

"Isla, I can't explain everything to you right now, but can you come to Malaysia now?" Nick knew that if they couldn't find Charles, Sheryl wouldn't leave. He didn't know what to do, so he turned to Isla for help.

"Okay, please, take care of Sheryl. I'm going to book a flight right now." Without giving it much thought, Isla hung up the call, grabbed her bag, and left the office.

Phoebe figured there must be something wrong because Isla looked anxious as she left. She then followed her quickly.

The two got in the elevator as they headed downstairs.

"Phoebe, book a plane ticket to Malaysia for me now. The sooner, the better."

Isla seemed serious, so as much as Phoebe wanted to ask what was up, she decided to hold her tongue. She merely did as Isla had ordered her to do.

"Okay, Ms. Zhao."

By the time they reached the first floor, Isla had handled everything. She took a cab home so she could pack her stuff. She called Aron on the way.

When she had arranged everything, she got on her flight to Malaysia.

In the third biggest hotel of Malaysia

Isla was able to find Sheryl's room with the directions that Nick had given her.

Knock, knock.

Nick grew nervous upon hearing the knock on the door. He approached the door and opened it. When he saw that it was Isla, he sighed with relief.

He helped her with her luggage and immediately pointed her to Sheryl, who was inside. He whispered, "Isla, hurry. She hasn't moved since I called you, and she hasn't eaten in a day. I'm not sure she's okay."

"Tell me what happened first, okay?" Isla couldn't help but worry as she had no idea what had happened. She had felt restless throughout her entire flight, so she asked Nick as soon as she saw him.

Nick sighed. He wasn't there when it

ey returned to the hotel, Isla forced Sheryl to eat something, so she just nibbled a little bit of food to get Isla off her back.

Nick and Isla exchanged glances, uncertain what to say.

Isla meanwhile was feeling guilty. If she hadn't told Sheryl to come to Malaysia, this would never have happened. As she thought of this, she grabbed Sheryl's hands and looked at her. She bit her lower lip and wanted to say something but nothing came out.

"Sher, let's fly back first thing in the morning. The kids are waiting for you at home." After giving it much thought, Isla finally asked Sheryl to go home with her.

She knew that the best thing for Sheryl to do right now was to go home. She needed to be with her kids right now, so she wasn't thinking too much.

"I'm only going home when we find Charles." Sheryl raised her head to look at Isla. Her eyes were filled with distress, and her struggle was written all over her face.

Isla understood why Sheryl didn't want to leave, but what could she really do if she stayed here?

Nick immediately noticed that Isla grew anxious, so he sat down in front of Sheryl and talked to her. "We need to fly back home. The police here can do their job and find him. We can't do anything to help, and your kids need you at home."

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