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   Chapter 1811 She Isn't Picking Up

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Charles and Leila didn't return to the hotel for the entire night.

Melissa assumed this was a good thing. She couldn't fall back asleep, so she just decided to get up even though it was still so early in the morning.

After she had her breakfast, she returned to her room. She thought of calling Leila to ask how things went. Before she even took out her phone, someone suddenly knocked on her door.

'Who could be coming to my room so early in the morning?' she wondered as she walked to the door.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to find Leila.

'Why is she back at this time?'

"Leila?" Melissa said, puzzled. She looked at Leila from head to toe, wondering what was going on.

Suddenly, Leila's eyes turned red, and she burst into tears. Grief-stricken, Leila grabbed Melissa's arm and stuttered, "Aunt Melissa… there was an accident…"

"What happened?" Melissa suddenly became nervous. 'Where's Charles? Did something happen to him?' she thought to herself.

"Charles… Charles…" Leila couldn't even get a proper sentence out.

After pulling Leila into the room and closing the door, Melissa helped Leila sit on the couch. Then she asked worriedly, "Leila, stop crying first. Can you tell me what happened? Where's Charles? What happened to him?"

"Aunt Melissa, Sheryl pushed Charles into the ocean. The police were searching for him the whole night, but they still haven't found him. I didn't know what to do," Leila said tearfully, while her body was quivering.

"What did you say? Sheryl pushed Charles into the ocean?" Melissa gazed at Leila in terror.

Nodding, Leila continued, "Aunt Melissa, I saw it with my own two eyes. It was Sheryl who pushed Charles. I don't know why the police even let her go. Charles is still missing! I'm so worried!"

"We should go to the police station right now and find Charles." Melissa's only hope was the police. The most important thing they needed to do right now was find Charles.

Leila nodded. Along with Melissa, she headed to the police station again.

On their way, Melissa's mind was

fe of the CEO of Shining Company. If Charles had died then that would never happen. As she thought of this, she turned restless.

While Leila wanted the fame and money that came along with being married to Charles, she also loved him. She'd already spent so much time with Charles that she'd already fallen for him. Nevertheless, the factor of love couldn't compare with other factors.

Leila's mind had instantly come up with a thousand scenarios the moment she saw Sheryl, but never did she consider the possibility that something bad would happen to Charles. The most she could do now was to stay with Melissa and make sure that nothing would happen to her. If Charles was really gone, Melissa would be the only person that she could rely on.

"Where did that bitch go?" Melissa suddenly exclaimed as she turned to Leila. Rage was written all over her face.

Shaking her head, Leila answered helplessly, "Aunt Melissa, I don't know."

"Call her right now." Melissa was so worried about Charles that she knew she just couldn't sit and do nothing. Naturally, Sheryl was the first person who came to her mind. She needed to vent her anger out on someone.

Without hesitation, Leila took out her phone and dialed Sheryl's number. However, Sheryl didn't pick up her phone.

Leila tried calling her again but to no avail. "Aunt Melissa," said Leila. "She isn't picking up."

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