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   Chapter 1810 The Verbal Spat Between Nick And Leila.

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The whole night passed by, and, finally, Sheryl was able to accept the truth that Charles had fallen into the sea. It was not her fault. However, it was still difficult for her, as there was no good news. Charles has as yet not been found.

Sheryl's heart sank at the very thought of it. Her eyes were yearning for the sight of Charles, her ears keen to hear a word about him being safe and sound. As a result of continuous overthinking, she had a throbbing headache.

"I am fine. You don't have to worry about me!" Sheryl said in a faint voice as she gave Nick a wan smile. She was aware of Nick's concern for her, so she tried to dispel it.

At the same time, Leila stomped out of the other room. She had been waiting all night to see justice being served. She was seething in rage, and the only thing that could give her some solace was the sight of Sheryl being behind bars.

But what did she see when she came out? Sheryl was walking out of the interrogation room! The police officer set Sheryl free! 'How does the police force work these days?' she thought as resentment and disgust reached its zenith in her heart.

Leila plodded angrily toward Sheryl and screeched at the police officer, "Are you going to release this woman? Why?"

"We have checked the surveillance camera, and there is no evidence that she has anything to do with the victim falling overboard. It was an accident, and she has been proven innocent. Besides, she is the victim's wife. Out of respect, we have to let her go now," the policeman explained politely, though Leila's sudden approach with her rude questions did not fail to astonish him. The police officer could not help being a little annoyed with Leila. He failed to understand where her anger came from. Yet, he tried to deal with her as diplomatically as possible.

He turned towards Leila and replied with a polite smile, "Mrs. Xia, thanks for your cooperation, as well as your precious time!"

"What? Are you kidding me? Is this how you perform your duty? I want to speak to your senior. Now! The victim is my boyfriend! And Sheryl is no longer his legitimate wife. They are busy divorcing each other. This wicked woman pushed my boyfriend in the sea. I can prove it!" Leila was fuming. She showed her determination. She was not going to leave until she saw Sheryl behind bars.

"Well, then you are free to do whatever you like. I have just finished my case!" The policeman declined to argue with Leila. He handed Leila over to one of his juniors.

Leila was not a fool either. After she failed to get the desired attention from the police, she decided to deal with Sheryl at a personal level. She turned towards the door and spotted Sheryl, who was about to leave the police station. Without wasting a single moment, Leila rushed to chase her.

"Sheryl! Stop! I won't let you go like this."

Nick was shocked to hear Leila's loud voice as he stood outside the door, waiting for Sheryl to walk out. A frown appeared on his face as he marked Leila's aggressive demeanor.

'Leila could not show

was becoming increasingly difficult to get rid of her.

"I swear to God; I saw her do that to my boyfriend. Sheryl did that! She pushed Charles into the sea!" Leila claimed with confidence as if she was telling the truth.

"Really? Do you dare to swear? If you caught Sheryl pushing Charles overboard, can you tell me how exactly she did it? I need your detailed information."

Nick knew if the police had evidence, they wouldn't have let Sheryl go that easily. Now that Sheryl was allowed to go, that meant that Sheryl was clear and innocent.

Besides, even the surveillance camera was unable to catch anything. Then how could Leila possibly make such claims? How could she insist that Sheryl pushed Charles?

In Nick's eyes, Leila's statement made no sense. He knew that she was lying. At that moment, the disdain for her in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

Some people were like that. They were so full of lies that they even lied to themselves sometimes.

"Of course, I…" Leila choked for a moment.

"Enough! You just can't. Look, Leila, today I want to warn you, once and for all! You are the troublemaker! You are the one who brought a mess into our lives, and made all of us miserable! And for this whole thing, you are the one who should be held accountable! Charles is missing because of you. That Sheryl is in this state is also because of you! So you think everyone can be picked on as easily as you think? But let me tell you clearly that we are not going to be your victim so easily! You'd better not irritate me! If you do, I swear I will put you on your goddamn back!" Finishing his words, Nick shot Leila another menacing stare, before he took Sheryl away from the place.

Watching their receding figures, Leila bit her lips. Her eyes were burning with anger and hatred. She hated the sight of Sheryl walking away like a victor. She resented that she could do nothing since Nick was there to support Sheryl.

With a furious sigh, she turned in the opposite direction and headed toward the hotel.

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