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   Chapter 1808 Where Did They Go

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A confident smile spread on Leila's face as she felt that she had intimidated Sheryl.

Leila looked down at Sheryl, who was sitting with her head hung to her chest. Suddenly, to her utter surprise, Sheryl stood up.

Sheryl pushed Leila out of her way and approached the handrail. Sheryl stared blankly at the sea. Her face was pale, as white as a sheet of paper. She seemed completely oblivious to her surroundings. She climbed on the handrail, ready to plunge into the sea.

"Oh my gosh! Someone help! She is going to jump into the sea!"

"Help, help, someone is trying to commit suicide!"


People started to gather around Sheryl. Some of them were calling the police. Some of them rushed to hold her back from jumping. Some of them were taking pictures and videos. Anne had marked Sheryl's movement and rushed towards her. However, she was too late. By the time Anne could reach and grab her arm, Sheryl had already jumped into the sea. Anne's hand clutched at the air.

Anne could see Sheryl jump off the handrail. She was too scared to watch Sheryl fall into the water, and she covered her eyes immediately.

But to her surprise, she could not hear the splashing sound of the water. Then gradually, words of relief expressed by people around her came to her ears. She opened her eyes slowly and saw that the police had caught Sheryl. They rescued her in time!

Anne heaved a great sigh of relief, her hand on her chest. She slowly walked to Sheryl.

"Let go of me. I want to be with Charles. Let go of me…" The police held Sheryl's hands tightly, but Sheryl was struggling hard to free herself. Tears kept rolling down from her cheeks incessantly.

The police felt sorry for Sheryl. They tried their best to console her, but they were interrupted.

"It's me. It's entirely my fault. Charles died because of me…" Sheryl muttered pointing a finger at herself.

She grew uncontrollable with every passing moment. She was devastated at having watched Charles drown right in front of her eyes. She was inconsolable.

The police felt very sorry for Sheryl. They had asked people nearby about what had actually happened to cause Charles to fall overboard. Everybody present confirmed that they had seen Sheryl and Charles fighting. But none of them had seen Sheryl pushing Charles into the sea. T

into the sea?

Nick's confusion grew more intense, with several conflicting thoughts that came to his mind. He kept his fingers crossed and prayed for Sheryl on his way to the police station.

Soon, Nick arrived at the police station.

By that time, Sheryl had been taken to the interrogation room. Leila was made to sit alone in another room, which made her grow impatient and restless.

She pounded at the glass in front of her and complained, raising her voice, "What are you doing? Why did you lock me in here? I thought you were going to take my statement!"

No matter how many times Leila yelled, no one came to her. Her voice just hit the glass barrier and came back to her. Finally, she gave up.

Sheryl, on the other hand, remained silent all the time. No matter how hard the police tried, she wouldn't answer his question. She just lowered her head and kept weeping. It seemed as if the words uttered by the police were falling on deaf ears.

"Excuse me, sir. I'm from China. Is Sheryl here?" Nick politely asked the police in the lobby.

The police officer lifted his head and looked at Nick. He had a gloomy expression on his face as he pointed his fingers at the interrogation room.

Before Nick could ask another question, the man had lowered his head and went back to his work. Nick stood there for a moment and then realized that he could not get any further information from this police officer.

Hence, he took long and brisk strides in the direction the police officer had indicated, hoping to find Sheryl there.

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