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   Chapter 1807 You Killed Him

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Leila seemed unnerved by Sheryl's reaction. Furiously, she came closer and tried to shake off her hand. In a voice filled with anger, she asked, "What? Do you think you can get yourself out of this problem if you don't listen to me? Do you think it will change the fact that Charles was pushed over by you?"

Sheryl was in tears and wasn't in a position to say anything. She had a serious headache, so nothing that Leila said made sense to her. Her mind was still trying to understand what had happened. She couldn't believe that Charles had fallen into the water. It was like a nightmare that wouldn't leave her.

Leila had never seen Sheryl look so unhappy. Secretly, she took pleasure in her distress. Looking around, Leila noticed that the people around were pointing their fingers at them and commenting. Smartly, she devised a plan. Using her energy, she faked Sheryl pushing at her as well.

It was a deceptive movement, but nobody could make it out. They all thought Sheryl had pushed Leila.

"Ah..." Leila screamed to make it more dramatic. Then she fell to the deck. Earlier, she had wrenched her ankle, and now she couldn't even stand up.

In Fabulous Hotel, Nick was busily trying to sort out the situation.

He had checked the security video, so he knew what exactly had happened. After figuring it out, he had made several phone calls. In spite of this, he couldn't understand the motive behind this woman's act. 'What did I ever do to her?' he thought helplessly. He had no recollection of ever offending her.

Nick finally contented himself by assuming he was just running out of luck. Perhaps, an unfamiliar woman had decided to wreck his life, for no obvious reason. But now, this had brought a fight between him and Cassie. To make things worse, he didn't even know where his girlfriend was.

While thinking, he got angrier. If he had the slightest idea about where that woman was, he would have taught her a lesson.

After handling everything, Nick texted Cassie and hoped that she would see it as soon as she woke up.

"Honey, I have found out everything. That woman framed me, and I have evidence that will prove I am not guilty. You have to believe that nothing happened between me and her."

Nick suddenly thought of Isla's words and called Sheryl after he went back home.

He called several times, but Sheryl didn't pick up the phone.

Normally, Sheryl would instantl

's silence repulsed her. After helping Leila up, she once again glared at Sheryl. When she was about to speak, the police appeared in front of them.

Leila naturally restrained herself from speaking up, but the woman next to her pointed her finger at Sheryl and angrily said to the police, "This woman was trying to hurt her."

"We will deal with that. But who are you?" The policeman frowned, looking at the rampant woman unhappily.

After being questioned by the policeman, the woman suddenly lost her earlier vigor. It seemed like she didn't know what to say.

Since the woman didn't reply, the policeman began to question the people standing nearby. It turned out none of the people who had been at a distance had anything to say. In truth, everyone had only a vague idea. 'Maybe the people near Sheryl must have seen something, ' he thought and decided to continue his investigation.

After the police left, Leila moved towards Sheryl.

She looked around and made sure nobody was looking at her. Once she was certain the view was clear, she bent over and approached Sheryl.

The pained expression on Sheryl's face made Leila more complacent.

She sneered and whispered in Sheryl's ear, "Sheryl, you said you are the one who loves Charles, but just look at this! What have you done to him? You probably killed him. Due to your selfishness, you pushed a man into the sea. You are a cold-blooded murderer..."

Leila spoke without taking a break or taking a breath. And every word penetrated into Sheryl's heart.

In utter shock, Sheryl looked at Leila. The truth was finally sinking in.

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