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   Chapter 1801 Ruin Their Relationship

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The next second, Cassie raised her hand to try and slap this woman through the face again, but the latter stopped her.

"Enough! You said you are only Nick's girlfriend, not his wife yet. You can't mind his business or interfere with our relationship." With a ready tongue, this woman retorted at Cassie. Her oppressive attitude made Cassie feel like she was the third person, and this woman was Nick's official girlfriend.

"Pardon me. I can't seem to understand what you're trying to imply. Do you mean that your boyfriend can have sex with another woman randomly?" Cassie thought that this kind of person was so hateful. They filed the suit first like they weren't the guilty party, and even called white black.

She wondered if this woman wasn't afraid that she would meet a ghost after walking in the darkness so frequently.

"That just proves that I am incapable of taming my own boyfriend. Can I blame others?" But this woman seemed not to care at all, as if a woman who got cheated on deserved it.

Cassie felt confused. How could Nick know such a woman?

"Nick!" Not wanting to waste another minute arguing with such an immoral woman, Cassie finally turned and called out to him.

Her voice was so loud that Nick, who was about to fall asleep, was awakened.

Puzzled, Nick got up and shook his head continuously, trying to make himself sober up.

"Nick, have you been drinking?" Cassie stared at Nick and questioned him, barely controlling her anger.

She would find out, once and for all, if this woman just pestered him or if Nick was also immoral.

Nick had never seen Cassie so upset, so he stumbled to reach her and hug her. He was so focused on Cassie that he didn't notice the woman standing next to him.

However, as Nick walked towards Cassie, the woman stopped him, a naughty smile escaping her lips. "Nick, don't you want to admit that you have taken advantage of me?"

"Who...Who are you?" Feeling his head was going to explode, Nic

g to explain, but when he reached the bedroom door, Cassie had already closed it.

"Cassie, please, let me in," he pleaded from behind the door. Actually, Nick had a key to the door, but he didn't dare to open it. He was afraid that if he barged in, Cassie would be angrier, so he decided just to keep pleading with her from the other side of the door.

Feeling completely heartbroken, Cassie started packing her stuff. No matter if what that woman had said was true, or not she thought it had something to do with Nick. It was all his fault, and she wouldn't forgive him easily.

After Cassie got her things ready and came out, Nick had been patiently waiting in the living room, trying his best not to enter the bedroom and disturb Cassie.

Seeing Cassie come out, Nick quickly stood up and smiled at her nervously. "Cassie, I will ask my colleague who came with me what exactly happened. And then I will tell you everything immediately, okay?"

"Okay. Go and ask."

Cassie looked emotionless, but she didn't seem to be mad at him anymore. Thinking that all was good, Nick initially felt happy and relieved, but he suddenly realized something that changed his expression.

However, Cassie didn't stop but went straight to the door. Nick stopped her from walking outside. "What are you going to do?"

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