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   Chapter 1800 Not Enough

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Charles didn't notice Leila smiling. He just wanted to walk her to her bedroom as soon as possible so that he could leave and talk to Sheryl.

They hadn't seen each other for a long time since they last met. And they hadn't had a very good conversation last time. Besides, there had been a lot going on in the Shining Company recently. Charles didn't realize how long it had been since he saw Sheryl until now. So when he saw Sheryl again, he became overexcited to go meet her and talk to her.

When Leila noticed Charles had quickened his pace, she became very worried. She grabbed his clothes and said carefully with a lowered tone, "Charles, I…"

"What's wrong?" Charles asked Leila in confusion, while he kept walking.

Leila pointed her fingers at her feet, feeling very embarrassed.

Charles turned his head and looked at Leila's face. He slowed down.

But he picked up his pace very soon, which confused Leila.

'Are you that reluctant to be with me? Are you that desperate to leave me, Charles?' Leila thought to herself, frustrated.

Thinking about this, Leila's eyes welled up. She grabbed Charles' sleeves again as he began walking faster and faster again.

"Ouch, Charles. It hurts!" Leila exclaimed.

Charles frowned and looked down at Leila's feet. They were swollen.

"Sorry, Charles. I don't want to be a burden to you. But it hurts," Leila bowed her head and murmured. Tears rolled down from her cheeks.

Charles felt guilty for what he did and also felt sorry for Leila. Leila got hurt because of him, and it was he that had made her injury more serious.

"How do you feel? Can you walk?" Charles asked Leila. He looked very concerned.

Leila shook her head, choosing not to answer his question.

Charles cut Leila some slack this time. He waited patiently for Leila to answer. Eventually, Leila lowered her voice and said to Charles, "Charles, I don't think I can walk."

Leila seemed very sincere, and as such, Charles picked her up without saying another word.

Leila didn't expect Charles would do such a thing. She looked at Charles in surprise, and with her face blus

up. When she got home, she saw Nick inside. Feeling excited, she was about to run to him, but before she had the time to do that, she saw a woman standing next to him. So she stopped and watched them, trying to find out what was going on.

Undeniably, any women who saw such a beautiful lady standing next to their boyfriend would get jealous and angry.

Cassie bit her lips and stared at Nick from a distance.

Nick was stumbling. The lady next to him lifted her hand and caressed his face. Not only did she caress his face, she even leaned her head against Nick's shoulder.

When the lady was about to kiss Nick's forehead, Cassie, with her backbone reaction, ran to them and yelled at Nick with a raised tone, "Nick, what the fuck are you doing?"

The lady was clearly dumbfounded.

She turned her head around and saw Cassie. It took her a while to compose herself. She casually asked Cassie, "Who are you?"

"Who am I? That should be the question I am asking you!" Cassie pointed at herself. She was so angry that her whole body was shaking. She smiled bitterly for a while and proceeded by slapping the lady in her face.

"Let me tell you who I am. I am this man's girlfriend. A bitch like you doesn't know how to keep some distance from other people's man and maintain some courtesy, or do you?" Cassie said angrily. Apparently, slapping the lady in the face wasn't enough to cool her down.

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