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   Chapter 1799 An Encounter

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Success Company was a big group which had cooperated with Cloud Advertising Company for years. Even so, Jeff seldom saw Sheryl alone at any social gatherings before. Most of the time, she came with her husband, Charles. Today, Jeff was surprised to find that they had arrived separately. He couldn't help but think of the recent rumors he had heard about this couple.

Being both beautiful and elegant, Sheryl could attract any man, including Jeff. He was glad that he had a chance to get close to her, and he would do anything to please her tonight.

Hearing Jeff's introduction, Sheryl realized that he was the man who had sent the air ticket and invitation to Isla.

That thought removed any suspicions she initially had of Jeff. After all, he was one of their company's major clients, and Sheryl needed to be polite and cordial.

As Sheryl started to make casual conversation with Jeff, she realized that he was not as bad as he looked. He never asked anything about her personal life, but rather focused on their business. He was totally different from other men who coveted her beauty, which she found really impressive.

Noticing Sheryl's presence when she saw her talking with the guests, Leila's heart skipped a beat. Feeling threatened, she immediately took Charles' arm.

Since Sheryl's arrival had caused a commotion among the male guests, Charles' attention was also drawn in her direction. Looking towards the crowd, Charles saw Sheryl as well as the men surrounding her.

Charles' face clouded. Seeing Sheryl in a beautiful evening dress and flaunting her fair and bare skin, he felt even more sullen.

Clenching his fists, Charles was ready to approach Sheryl immediately.

Seeing Charles' expression, Leila figured out what Charles wanted to do. Not allowing Charles to leave her for another woman, she grabbed his arm before he could take a step.

"Charles, it's a bit windy today. I think the cold breeze makes me feel dizzy," Leila commented in a charming way.

Ignoring her statement, Charles told her coldly, "Stay here. I need to talk to Sheryl." Charles was absolutely irritated. If they weren't in a public place, he would have lost his temper already.

"Sher is talking with Jeff. It's inappropriate if you go there and interrupt them," Leila said. Leila tightened her grasp on Charles, not intending to let him go.

"Get your hands off me!" Charles stated sullenly. Waving his hand, Charles tried to shake off Leila's grasp.

However, Leila wouldn

t now. Please, excuse me."

Luckily, a woman passed by at the same time. Sheryl grabbed the chance and took the woman's arm like they were good friends.

After seeing that, the men stopped harassing her and started to walk away.

"I'm so sorry," she said, smiling apologetically to the woman. Sheryl loosened her grasp on her arm after the men left.

"Are you Chinese?" the woman asked Sheryl. She looked elegant and sophisticated.

Sheryl nodded slightly. Reaching out to shake hands with her, she introduced herself, "I'm Sheryl."

"Anne," the woman replied.

Finally, relieved after getting rid of those impolite guys, Sheryl stayed and talked with Anne. The more they talked, the more she liked this short-haired girl.


a man called out to Anne from behind while they were happily chatting.

Anne turned to see who it was and then told Sheryl, "Sheryl, I need to leave for a while. I'll come over later."

"No problem." Sheryl smiled.

After Anne left, Sheryl heaved a sigh of relief. She didn't expect that this ball would be so boring. She had only been here for an hour, but it felt long enough for her already. She couldn't wait until it was over. Feeling a bit tired herself, she decided to go to the lower deck to retouch her make-up in the ladies' room.

Meanwhile, on the lower deck of the yacht.

Leila softly rested herself on Charles' arms as if she didn't have any strength left.

As a matter of fact, she was currently on cloud nine. She didn't mind if anyone saw them or not. Leila felt like the happiest woman in the world. She wouldn't ask for anything else if she could stay with Charles in this moment.

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