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   Chapter 1798 The Business Trip

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A huge variety of international and local retail brand and duty-free outlets, cafés, restaurants lined up part of the Malaysian airport.

As soon as Sheryl stepped from the plane, her phone started ringing.

Looking at the caller ID, she saw a strange number. It even registered as a Malaysian number.

Feeling confused, she hesitated for a while but decided to answer after all.

"Hello, is this Ms. Sheryl Xia? I've come to pick you up." It was a man who immediately spoke when Sheryl answered the call.

Sheryl was stunned. The man on the other end of the line knew her name, so he must be somebody she was familiar with.

Finally, coming up with a thought, she felt relieved and smiled.

Isla must have sent this man to pick her up.

'When did Isla become so hardworking to even send somebody to pick me up from the airport?' Sheryl thought. It was surprising that Isla had done it, so Sheryl felt really pleased with her friend.

"Yes, I am. I'm at the entrance of the airport. Where are you?" Without overthinking, Sheryl responded and waited for him to pick her up.

In no time, a BMW drove by and parked in front of Sheryl.

"Are you Ms. Sheryl Xia?" A young man got out of the car and walked towards Sheryl, bowing politely.

Sheryl nodded and smiled. The young man opened the door for her, and she got inside the car.

After some questions, Sheryl learned that his name was Frank and that he was in charge of soliciting and taking tourists to and from the airport. Because he came from the same country as Sheryl, he always offered the best service and most competitive price to the customers from their country.

Seeing that he was hospitable, Sheryl decided to ask him some more details.

"Frank, do you know the ship, Twilight?" Since Sheryl had come, she would naturally go to the party, but she could only be successful if she knew what was in store for her. She didn't want to go there unprepared.

"Ms. Xia, are you attending the party on the ship? I hear that there is a grand gathering tonight, and all the wealthy people in Malaysia will join. What's more, many businessmen from our country also flew here to attend the party..." Frank told Sheryl everything he knew.

Hearing Frank's story, Sheryl

dy is so beautiful."

The uproar around her made Sheryl feel restless. It was Isla who had insisted on putting this evening dress in her suitcase, and she had said that it would make her stand out.

Sheryl knew that Isla was unreliable, and she shouldn't have listened to her.

But it was too late to regret now. Sheryl had to bear all eyes set on her, which made her feel uncomfortable. She looked around, trying to find anyone she knew, but none of the people around her now seemed familiar.

Although Sheryl didn't want to be in the limelight of the party, unconsciously, she had not only become the focus but also made a lot of women jealous.

As much as the men wanted her, the women were all anxious to drive her away.

Under the circumstances, Sheryl naturally felt nervous.

"Are you Sheryl Xia?" Moving from the crowd, an unfamiliar man suddenly came to greet her.

Sheryl didn't like to chat with strange men, but she still nodded at him elegantly. Accepting the wine glass being offered by a waiter, she smiled demurely. "Yes. And you are?"

"The vice president of Success Company, Jeff Zhang." The man offered his hand to her politely, and Sheryl accepted and shook hands with him.

"Ms. Zhao mentioned that you would be coming to the party tonight. I thought she was just kidding me and didn't expect it to be true. You have never attended such parties in the past, have you?" Knowing everything, Jeff decided to mention Isla's name in order to cotton up to Sheryl.

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