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   Chapter 1797 The Same Style of Dress

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The shop Leila had chosen was the biggest formal dress store in Malaysia. The moment she entered the glass doors, her attention was caught by its interior. The store had white and turquoise walls, white birdcages with flowers entwined through the bars, potted plants and mini white picket fences sectioned off different areas, and wall decals of flowers, birds, and butterflies gave the place a very whimsical feel. The clothes rails lining the walls held the store's fashion collections, which were sorted by style. Knowing that it was famous all over the country, Leila had high expectations of its sales personnel when it came to professionalism.

"Good day, Madam." Another one of the salesladies approached her with a smile. "I'm Anis. I'd be happy to assist you in finding a perfect dress. What kind of party are you going to attend?" Leila had to pause and think for a while, an embarrassed expression flashing on her beautiful face.

When Melissa had handed her the invitation card earlier, she hadn't mentioned what kind of party it was, but Leila remembered the name of the venue. Feeling enlightened, she replied to the saleslady, "It is for a party on the ship, Twilight, tonight."

Thinking that it was a big party, Leila thought the saleswoman would have an idea what type of dress would be suitable.

"Just this one." The saleslady pulled one of the dresses from the rack. She didn't explain too much but smiled when she saw Leila's confused expression. "A lady who will attend the same party tonight chose a dress of the same color for another style. Although it was not the same style, I think..."

"Okay. This one, please." Leila interrupted the saleslady before she could finish explaining. Taking the dress with her, she went back to the fitting room to try it on. After a few minutes, she came out and asked the saleslady to pack the dress for her.

Walking out of the formal dress store, Leila expressed the need to do her hair. Charles was highly annoyed. Fortunately, the hair salon was not far from where they were. Otherwise, Charles might have refused to go with her completely.

"You go ahead. I will hang out in the neighborhood." Charles suddenly stopped and turned away from Leila when they reached the front of the hair salon. Not giving her time to respond, he continued walking, leaving Leila behind.

Leila was aware that

hang's face, which seemed to tell Charles, 'You know what I mean.'

His message was certainly clear, but Charles refrained from being the same as him.

"I won't disturb you, Mr. Zhang." Charles nodded and then left.

Seeing Charles had only interacted with Mr. Zhang for a little while, Leila knew that his comments had irritated Charles.

She felt confused. She was now the one who stood next to Charles. Was she inferior to Sheryl, who got him in trouble from time to time? She wondered if people thinking they were in a relationship made Charles depressed.

Charles said hello to several other guests, and Leila still followed him around, without letting go of his arm. But now, she was well-behaved and didn't take the initiative to speak unless spoken to. If Charles didn't introduce her, she wouldn't tell them who she was.

Leila wasn't worried about this at all. After all, everybody was curious and would casually ask Charles who she was, seeing that he had brought her to tonight's party.

Charles' general response was that Leila was his secretary.

Most of the time, the other side showed a knowing smile to Charles and even praised Leila.

Leila had thought that Charles would deny her, but unexpectedly he told the truth, so she secretly felt pleased.

What made her complacent was that, since Charles introduced her as his secretary, their relationship was vague in everyone's eyes.

Although, in reality, the relationship between the president and his secretary was the most dangerous.

At this thought, Leila almost burst into laughter.

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