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   Chapter 1796 Not Bad.

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"Leila, hurry up. Pick one of them quickly, and let's go. It's getting late," Charles told Leila, his expressions nonchalant, and his face dreary. Then he headed to the counter, not caring whether Leila was following him or not.

Leila was just too happy to have Charles accompany her to be bothered by his attitude. As long as she could be with him, she had nothing more to ask for.

"Charles, which one do you think is better? I like all of them. I can't really make up my mind," Leila asked Charles indulgently. Her eyes were sparkling with love and joy, and her hands lingered on a few cocktail dresses hanging on the clothing stands.

Charles lifted his head and shot a cold glance at Leila. He then looked at the salesgirl and gestured for her to leave.

The salesgirl stared back at him with a bewildered look on her face. Her expression reminded Charles that he was not at his company. And unlike David, the salesgirl was not able to get his hint.

Realizing his fault, Charles said to the salesgirl politely, "Can you give us a moment, please? We will call you when we are done."

"Sure, Sir." The salesgirl gave Charles a cordial smile and walked away.

After she left, Charles looked at Leila from head to toe.

Leila could feel butterflies in her stomach. This was the first time Charles wanted to have a private moment with her! He had asked the lady to leave them alone. Also, it was the first time that he had stared at Leila like that. Her face turned crimson. She lowered her head and said in a soft voice, "Charles, don't look at me like that. You're making me embarrassed."

Charles heaved a sigh. "Leila, I know that you are taking really good care of my mother, and that's why I have come shopping with you and agreed to spend some time with you. I really want you to understand that I am doing all this because of my mom. I hope you don't misunderstand me." Charles felt it proper to explain his intentions clearly to Leila, as he didn't want Leila to think that he had fallen in love with her. It was better to come clean than being ambiguous regarding relationships.

"Charles, what do you mean that you don't want me to misunderstand you? We've been through a lot…" Leila's face became grim at hearing Charles. The excitement vanished from her voice, as well. She looked at Charles sadly. Her eyes welled up immediately, and she tried her best to hold

d stop her from trying on another one.

Charles' patience had reached its zenith by now. He just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. He had thought that if he gave his compliment for the dress, Leila would buy it, and they could leave right away. He didn't expect Leila would try another one.

Staring at Leila as she walked back to the changing room, Charles could not help remembering Sheryl.

Sheryl was a confident woman. When she went shopping, she was always so prompt in picking out her favorite clothes. She was not at all fussy and never even needed to try them out. It was so easy to go shopping with her. Charles could not remember a single incident when he had gotten impatient or felt hassled while shopping with Sheryl.

Thinking about Sheryl, Charles felt light for a moment, and then a shadow of gloom settled upon his heart. However, Charles didn't get time to drown himself in sorrow, as Leila came out in her second outfit.

The first outfit Leila had worn was grey, while the one she was wearing now was black. It was more dignified than the first one.

Before Leila could open her mouth and ask Charles, he nodded at her, "Well, not bad."

Leila understood that she was wearing out Charles' patient since she got the same answer. So she turned her head and asked the salesgirl, "What do you think?"

The salesgirl looked at Leila in surprise and smiled sincerely at her, saying, "Ma'am, both of them look perfect on you. And all these designs are unique. Therefore, no one would wear the same dress as you. What kind of banquet are you going to?"

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