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   Chapter 1793 In Low Spirits

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6100

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"Isla, it's Sheryl's life, not yours. Did you even ask her if she really wants to go, knowing that she would see that?"

Aron was a decent man. As much as he loved Isla, he didn't want her to do something like this.

"What do you mean? Do you not know what kind of relationship I have with Sheryl? Do you want me to do nothing, while she gets her heart broken, and Charles is off being happy with another woman?" Isla roared.

He didn't expect her to get this angry, so he was at a loss as to what to do or say.

"I just can't stand to see that, Aron. I can't! Someone else forced Sheryl to leave Charles. Do you know what she's going through right now? And what does Charles do? He refuses to sign the divorce papers, while he's in some weird relationship with Leila. If I don't make Sheryl see for herself, her life will just get ruined!"

Isla said in one breath. She wasn't even sure if she was right because she knew that Charles loved Sheryl.

Still, she was confused. 'If you love someone, would you hurt them?'

She simply couldn't understand, so she finally decided that Sheryl deserved to know.

"I didn't say that your decision was wrong. I just think that you should first ask Sheryl if she wants to know. Maybe she already knows, and she's just not telling you," Aron said seriously. He noticed that Isla was relieved after letting all that out.

Isla didn't respond further. She knew Aron was right, but she'd already decided, and that was it.

"Let's go home,"

she said slowly after a long pause. Then she turned her head and looked out the window. A thick silence fell upon them.

Aron just sighed as he started to drive.

At that moment, Sheryl was clueless about everything. She was at home preparing for her trip to Malaysia the following day. Even though it was just going to be a

just benefited once everything had happened.

"Aunt Melissa, how are you feeling? We can take a walk around the neighborhood. I heard from the waiter that there's a beautiful garden nearby." Leila had stayed in the hotel for the entire day, and it was already getting dark. If she didn't go out for a walk, she might go crazy.

Melissa wanted to come along too. She had just been pretending to be sick so Leila and Charles could spend some time together.

Since Charles wasn't around, Melissa could go out with Leila.

"Sure! Besides, we don't have anything to do anyway. We can go there to see the garden."

Melissa was seemingly happy, and Leila couldn't help but notice. Leila figured it was a smart decision to invite her out for a walk.

She nodded at Melissa and called the receptionist to arrange for a car. In about half an hour, they were already in the garden.

Melissa and Leila had a good time. They returned to the hotel at about nine in the evening, and they were totally exhausted by then.

However, when they returned, Charles was nowhere to be found. Leila couldn't help but wonder what he was doing.

"Aunt Melissa, rest well," Leila said as she walked with Melissa to her room.

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