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   Chapter 1790 What Are Your Thoughts

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Isla walked past Phoebe, smiled at her, and said, "Don't worry. Sheryl will be fine. I'll talk to her."

"Okay, Ms. Zhao. I'll book your favorite western dish for lunch," Phoebe exclaimed.

Phoebe felt assured to hear that Isla would talk to Sheryl. The first thing that popped into her head was to do something to make the day more endearing for both Isla and Sheryl. Hence, she offered to order their favorite dish for lunch.

"Phoebe, you seem to be so concerned about Sheryl. Why don't you care as much for me?" Isla feigned displeasure on her face.

Phoebe pulled her face and smirked at Isla.

Her reaction did not go unnoticed. Isla smiled as she watched Phoebe from the corner of her eye; while she strode ahead to Sheryl's office. Taking long brisk steps, Isla barged in without even bothering to knock on the door.

Inside Sheryl's office, she was lost in thought. The sudden intrusion pulled her back from her reverie, and she stiffened her torso immediately as a mark of alertness. She raised her head and saw that it was Isla who had barged in. 'Right, it would be her. Who else would be so rude?' Sheryl thought to herself flippantly.

Isla had a stiff frown on her angry face.

"Isla, can you enter my office in a more polite manner?" Sheryl said indifferently.

"Sheryl, what's wrong with you?" Isla out rightly ignored Sheryl's question and continued to stare at her, feigning an angry look.

Sheryl was bewildered for a moment and looked at Isla's face for a clue. Then, she guessed that Phoebe must have told Isla something. Knowing that Isla would not let this pass so easily, Sheryl heaved a sigh and answered slowly, "Clark said that he wanted to see Charles today. I didn't know how to tell him."

Isla's face turned grim as she heard Sheryl speak. She pulled a chair in front of Sheryl's desk and heaved a sigh. With the frown still there on her face, she looked intently at Sheryl's face and said, "What are your thoughts? It is okay to let Charles see the kids, but you have to think carefully about how you're going to handle the relationship between you and Charles."

All of a sudden, Isla became serious, and Sheryl felt as if the final bell in the examination had rung, and she was yet to complete her paper. The feeling of ultimatum stung deep in her heart. She wasn't prepared for that yet. 'Isla is right. It is high time that I make up my mind. I can't keep dragging this out anymore. It seems to be our destiny to be separated. So why procrastinate? It's better to break up with him as soon as possible. Neither Charles nor I can make the final decision. That's why the matter is sti

a jewelry shop. There were photos of Charles helping Leila put on a necklace. He seemed to be so gentle. And there was a hearty smile on Leila's face!

Arching her brows, Isla flipped through the photos. After a few repeated frames, Isla stopped at a shot where Leila was lying into Charles' chest while watching a movie. Isla couldn't help cursing out loud with gritted teeth.

She was so infuriated that her entire body started to tremble. Her face went red; her eyes burned, and her ears felt warm. Anger had taken control of her body, and she seemed to have lost control of her own muscles. She tightened her grasp on Sheryl's phone, otherwise, it would have fallen to the ground.

As Isla went through the photos, repeated message alerts were indicating that more photos had been sent in.

She saw Charles and Leila eating steak together.

And Charles was cutting the steak for Leila! How could Isla stand that? 'Was he ever so caring for Sheryl before?' Isla thought to herself.

"Damn, Charles! Don't you ever show up again! I'll punch you to death!" Isla shouted in anger.

She then took a look at the number from which the photos were sent. It was a strange number. 'Who could this person be? Is the person trying to anger Sheryl deliberately?' Isla thought.

The same moment that she thought of calling the person back, a new message hit the inbox once again.

She quickly opened the message and saw a huge cruise ship in the photo. However, there was no Charles or Leila.

Isla stared blankly at the cruise ship, trying to decipher what it meant. Just then, another message popped up. The message read: "Do you want to see know where Leila and Charles will be tomorrow? Keep an eye on the cruise ship Twilight's party tomorrow!"

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