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   Chapter 1789 Sheryl's Worry

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At Sheryl's home, she was fully focused on her work.

In the past few days, sleep had abandoned her. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't fall asleep. After several failed attempts, she decided it was best to let it go.

Nowadays, she woke up earlier than Joan. So when Joan entered the living room, she caught Sheryl working. She wasn't surprised because this had begun to become Sheryl's normal state. After considering it for a while, she asked, "Ms. Xia, you're up so early lately. If you continue to live like this, you may end up being exhausted."

"Morning, Joan. Don't worry about me. I went to bed pretty early last night," Sheryl lied, not wanting to concern Joan. Then her eyes once again settled on her work.

Sheryl's response didn't convince Joan. Just by looking at Sheryl, it was evident that she hadn't had enough rest. But since there wasn't much she could do, she decided to let it go.

While Joan was engrossed in preparing breakfast, the kids woke up. They got themselves dressed, washed, and even sorted out their backpacks.

When they had everything ready, they went out of their room. However, they saw Sheryl engaged in work. They looked at each other, moved closer to their mother, and asked, "Mom, why are you working at this early hour?"

"I'm almost finished, my sweethearts. Aunt Phoebe sent me an urgent task, so I needed to solve it as soon as possible. But don't worry, it's done. Let's go and have breakfast!" Sheryl answered softly.

She looked at her adorable children with loving eyes and caressed their plump cheeks. Then she led them to the table.

Lately, her mood was always off; hence, she had neglected to accompany her children. But today, she made up her mind to take them to the kindergarten herself.

After breakfast, Clark and Shirley assumed that Sheryl might get back to work as usual. When they were ready to leave with Joan, Sheryl called them, "Kids, mom wants to take you to the kindergarten this morning, is that okay?" Sheryl looked at them with a grin.

The kids were caught off-guard by this announcement. They couldn't believe their ears. Once they were certain that Sheryl meant it, they dashed towards her with great joy. Their cute, running figures made Sheryl extremely happy.

She squatted down to embrace them in her arms.

"Mom, don't you need to go to work early today?" Clark looked at Sheryl as he asked.

Sheryl shook her head. Lovingly, she caressed his cheek and answered, "No. Mom isn't busy

ryl's back and heaved a sigh.

She was well aware of the difficulties that Sheryl has been facing lately. Sheryl suffered a lot, yet she managed to maintain her composure. This quality made Phoebe truly admire her boss. If she had been in Sheryl's shoes, she didn't think she could have coped any better. At the moment, she ardently wished to help Sheryl. 'If only I could take some burdens off her shoulder!' Phoebe sadly thought.

"Hey, Phoebe, what are you doing here?"

Isla jumped out suddenly and asked. She'd caught Phoebe standing in front of Sheryl's office, seemingly in a daze. Therefore, she wanted to give her a shock for the sake of fun.

Caught off guard, Phoebe was totally stunned when Isla patted her shoulder. She touched her chest to calm herself down. Furiously, she turned to look at Isla.

"Ms. Zhao, you almost scared me to death!" Phoebe complained feigning annoyance.

"Are you guilty of something? Or else why are you reacting so violently?" Isla teased, knowing that Phoebe wasn't really angry at her.

Phoebe drew in a deep breath and finally managed to calm herself down. Then she pointed her finger to Sheryl's office and sighed, "Ms. Xia seems to be in trouble. She was upset and depressed when I saw her."

"In trouble?" Isla repeated.

She furrowed her eyebrows, feeling sorry for Sheryl.

'Is Charles once again the reason behind her sorrow?

Could it be possible that Sheryl came to know about Leila and Charles' vacation?' Isla wondered.

She had thought about a few possible causes, but she shook her head, dismissing all of them. Instead of racking her brain, she decided it was best to confront Sheryl.

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