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   Chapter 1788 Indebted To Leila.

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"Oh, Dear, you have been with Charles for so long. Yet, you have not known him well enough! He has not bought anything for a woman in so many years. So I would say it is a good start. Don't think too much. You need to do everything step by step. Do you understand?" Melissa looked at Leila reassuringly and comforted her.

She was afraid that Leila would overthink. Melissa grabbed her hand and patted the back of her palm with sincerity in her eyes.

Leila heaved a sigh, and a smile appeared on her lips. She felt relieved to hear Melissa's reassuring words. "Hmm, Aunt Melissa, I know. I bought a suit for Charles today."

She marked Leila's face glowing bright with a big smile as she mentioned Charles.

Indeed, women look most beautiful when they are in love.

Melissa had never seen Leila smiling so happily. Her heart warmed to see how devoted Leila was towards her son. Once again, Melissa was assured that Sheryl could never match the depth of Leila's love and commitment towards Charles.

"You have done a lot today, and there will be a pleasant surprise waiting for both of you tomorrow," Melissa said to Leila, complacently coughing.

Leila looked at Melissa with sparkling eyes. She was curious and wondered what Melissa had prepared for the next day. She hesitated for a while and then asked, "Aunt Melissa, what else have you prepared?"

"It's a secret." Melissa hushed her, gesturing for a whisper with her hands covering her mouth.

She smiled at Leila and pretended to be mysterious.

Leila smiled at her and stopped probing further.

Melissa hadn't had her dinner, so Leila accompanied her downstairs to eat something.

To onlookers, they looked just like a mother and her daughter. The waitress in the restaurant saw that Leila was so nice to Melissa and couldn't help sighing. "Mrs. Lu, is this your daughter?"

"No, she is not my daughter. She is my daughter-in-law," Melissa replied as she glanced at Leila with love and admiration in her eyes.

The waitress was startled to hear that. She had never thought that a daughter-in-law could treat her mother-in-law so well. She couldn't help but admire Leila. She looked at Leila repeatedly with awe.

The waitress could not stop admiring Leila's beauty, as well. Then she thought of Charles' handsome face. 'What a perfect match!' she thought.

les further.

"Okay. Mom. Good Night."

Charles held Melissa's hands and helped her as she walked out of his room. After seeing that Melissa returned to her room, he relaxed and went back to his room.

As Charles walked inside his room, he was lost in thought for a while. Then he picked up his cell phone and texted David to tell him about something to pay attention to in the company. After that, he hit the sack.

It was the most tiring day Charles had ever had in all his life. He just hoped that Melissa would recover soon so that he didn't have to face Leila anymore.

For the sake of Melissa's feelings, Charles couldn't drive Leila away. Even if he was seething in rage, he couldn't vent his anger. He had no other choice but to endure it.

In the next room, Leila was just too excited to fall asleep. Her heart was overwhelmed with thoughts of the time she had spent hanging out with Charles today.

She turned over in her bed, repeatedly. Every time Charles' face appeared in front of her eyes, she could not help breaking into a smile, and her heart started to beat faster.

She picked up the sapphire necklace from the nightstand and looked at it again and again. It was Charles' first gift to her. And it was such an expensive one!

In her opinion, Charles had a thing for her.

At this thought, Leila smiled shyly and checked the time. It was late, and she remembered the special arrangement for the next day that Melissa mentioned. She didn't want to be in low spirits in front of Charles, so she forced herself to go to sleep.

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