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   Chapter 1786 Book Tickets

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Unsurprisingly, Leila's voice succeeded in attracting Charles' attention. At that moment, he turned around and looked at Leila, who was behind him. Upon seeing her lying on the floor, he came to her quickly without any further thought. Frowning, he asked her, "What happened?"

"Nothing. I just couldn't catch up with your pace, and I got so nervous that I eventually fell on the floor," Leila said to Charles, while trying to keep the pain to herself.

Charles seemed unfazed, even after hearing Leila's words, but he still helped her stand up.

"Can you walk? Let's go back then."

Charles didn't seem to show any concern in his tone. He did instead sound annoyed.

"No need. I am fine. We rarely have a chance to hang out, and I don't want to go back now. I will be alright, as long as you walk slowly." Leila looked Charles in the eyes with earnest expectation.

Deep down, she wished Charles could empathize with her, but her falling had simply ruined the vibe of their date.

"Okay. I'm glad to hear that you're okay." Charles felt more at ease because he saw that Leila was able to walk after her fall. He didn't walk as fast as before, either, which in turn made Leila feel better.

They then continued to hang out for a while. Leila thought that Charles considered leaving, but to her surprise, he stopped in front of a jewelry store instead.

Charles paid close attention to every corner of the store, as he thought it was a nice store.

He looked at Leila, who was standing next to him and recalled that she had taken care of Melissa these past few days, so he planned to buy her a piece of jewelry to return the favor.

"Come in and have a look," said the poker-faced Charles to Leila, finally breaking the long silence.

Leila thought she had misheard what he had said, and as such, looked at Charles in disbelief.

Before she could even confirm it with Charles, he had entered the jewelry store shortly after speaking.

Leila was overjoyed and couldn't help but smile happily.

She was certain that Charles would buy a piece of jewelry for her because he asked her to go inside the

Seeing that Leila liked it, Charles asked the saleswoman to pack it. After purchasing the necklace, they walked out of the jewelry store.

"Charles, thank you." Leila still felt grateful because Charles bought her a gift, and couldn't help but express her gratitude again after leaving the store.

"You are welcome. I gave you a gift just because you took good care of my mother. Don't think too much." Charles was afraid that Leila would overthink, so he expressed his concern with his indifferent face.

Leila felt embarrassed after hearing that, so she just kept silent and followed Charles.

They walked for a while, and then Leila grabbed Charles' sleeve nervously. He stopped walking, and then she smiled. "Charles, it's still too early to go back now. Let's see a movie, okay?"

Afterward, Leila looked at Charles with genuinely high expectations.

Charles glanced at Leila and noticed it in her eyes. Although he wanted to refuse, he thought if he could meet Leila's every want today, he wouldn't owe her anymore. So he nodded slightly and agreed to do what she wanted.

"Charles, is that a yes?" Leila stared at Charles in disbelief because she didn't expect him to agree so easily. She was completely mystified.

"Hmm, just book tickets then."

Charles' tone was still cold, but to Leila, it was enough. She started to book tickets joyfully and then went to the nearby cinema with him.

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