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   Chapter 1782 Isla’s Coming Back

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"Well, Charles, don't blame this on me. I didn't want to disturb you. You're always so busy with work. I want to have Leila with me. She's a great girl, and she takes care of me," Melissa added, trying to dispel the doubt in Charles' eyes.

Charles nodded. He understood Melissa and responded, "Okay, that's great. As long as you're happy with your decision, I'm fine with it."

Charles just hadn't expected that Melissa would invite Leila to join their family trip. He always knew how well Melissa got along with Leila, but he didn't think Melissa would do this. He didn't know that they were that close.

He decided to shrug it off, not wanting to dwell on it any longer.

At the airport

Isla and Aron's flight had just landed.

Isla closed her eyes and breathed in the air of her hometown. After another deep breath, she opened her eyes and said to Aron, "Darling, can you feel that? We can't find air as fresh as here, you know. I missed this so much!"

"Well, I think you missed the kids a lot too," Aron said as he pulled her into his arms.

Isla felt embarrassed as they were in public. She pursed her lips and gently pushed him off. "Ah! Stop! There are so many other people! That's too much!"

"Why? Why should I care about other people when I want to hug my wife? Do I need to ask everyone for permission?" Aron teased, and his lips curved into a knowing smile.

Isla didn't know how to respond because he was right.

Aron and Isla quickly took their luggage so they could finally head home. However, just as they were about to leave, Aron felt Isla suddenly stop. He turned to look at his wife. Before he could ask her what was going on, he saw that she was staring at something. He followed her gaze and saw that it was Leila.

'Great! It's Leila. If it weren't for her, Charles and Sheryl wouldn't be getting divorced. She's the reason Sheryl's miserable, ' Aron thought, knowing what Isla was thinking right away.

How could Isla tolerate Leila? She was seething as she stared at Leila's back. Aron felt the same resentment his wife did.

"Let's go. Don't let that bitch ruin your mood. Sheryl is on her way here. We can't let them see each other," Aron reminded Isla.

Aron knew what his wife was thinking. He knew he had to stop Isla or who knows what she would do. He wouldn't put it past beyond Isla

n turned to look at Sheryl again. A concerned look was on her face as she asked, "Well, did you miss me the entire time I was gone? Did you take care of yourself? How have you been? Are you..."

Sheryl was unable to respond as Isla kept throwing one question after another.

Isla couldn't help but be amused by the look on Sheryl's face. She chuckled. "Look at you! You look so funny!

You're acting like my parents or something. Stop it! I don't like it!" Sheryl replied.

Isla made a face at Sheryl, and then she said, "I was actually planning to stay a little longer because we had so much fun! But I was so worried about you that I couldn't wait to see you again! So you'd better spend some time with me! You're the reason we came back early."

Looking at Isla, Sheryl was glad that she had a friend like her. Isla always made sure she supported Sheryl in anything she did. She felt like she had another family member in Isla.

While Isla and Sheryl continued to talk as they walked forward, Aron silently took care of the luggage. He couldn't help but smile when he saw how happy Isla was.

He compared it to the look on Isla's face when she saw Leila. Now he could be sure that Isla wasn't going to mention Leila in front of Sheryl.

"Well, you tell me. I'll do whatever I can to make it up to you!" Sheryl beamed.

"Deal!" Isla smiled back, nodding in satisfaction.

This reminded Isla of the company. She changed the topic as she asked, "How's work going? Is the company okay?"

Isla's soft smile was suddenly replaced by a firm one.

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