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   Chapter 1781 Rest

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Leila wanted to say something but decided that it wasn't worth it.

She drove to a nearby supermarket. 'I have to buy something. It's going to be inappropriate if I go there with empty hands, ' she thought.

When Charles had finished everything, the hotel manager arrived at the hospital.

Bowing to Charles, he said politely, "Mr. Lu, how is Mrs. Lu?"

Casting a glance at the manager, Charles coldly replied, "She's fine."

Charles was quite satisfied with the hotel's service. They knew Melissa had been hospitalized, so they sent their lunch to the hospital.

After giving Charles the lunch, the manager excused himself and left. Shortly after, Melissa woke up.

Helping Melissa sit up, Charles asked in concern, "Mom, how do you feel? Are you feeling alright?"

"I'm okay," Melissa answered weakly. There wasn't any color in her face.

Melissa didn't have to say that she was feeling uncomfortable, as Charles could already see that she was with his own two eyes. She just didn't want to say anything because she didn't want Charles to worry.

"Mom, do you feel like eating?" Charles opened the packed lunch the hotel manager had brought and pushed it over to Melissa.

Melissa ate the food upon Charles' insistence.

"Mom, do you like the food?" Since Melissa was eating slowly, Charles thought that she might not have liked the food.

Melissa put down her chopsticks and looked at the worried Charles, shaking her head. "The food is fine. I just feel so weak and useless."

Charles didn't know what Melissa was talking about, and a puzzled look appeared on his face.

"We came here to travel, but here we are at the hospital! All because of me! How can we travel now?" Melissa said.

That was the last thing on Charles' mind. He smiled helplessly and assured his mother, "Mom, don't worry. We can travel when you feel better. Anyway, we're already

Melissa liked her nurse. When the nurse left, she beckoned for Charles to come nearer. "Charles, I know you know how weak I am. I have something to tell you."

"Mom, just spit it out. Stop being so mysterious."

Charles had no idea what Melissa was going to say, but he was able to catch a hint of nervousness on her face. 'What could it be?' he wondered.

"Since we're already here, we can't go back just because I'm sick. I called Leila yesterday, and I asked her to come here. That way, she can take care of me, and you can go places with her..." Melissa said with anticipation in her eyes.

There was a strange look on Charles' face. She couldn't help but worry that Charles was going to reject her idea.

Then the strange look turned into surprise, then hesitation and lastly, a frown. Eventually, he said, "No problem. Since you already called her, I can't do anything about it anymore."

Even though Charles didn't really want Leila to come, he didn't show any of this. He figured Melissa's health was more important, and he'd do anything to get her to recover.

Melissa could tell that Charles was a bit annoyed, but he just didn't say anything. She heaved a small sigh and thought to herself, 'Thank God he didn't say anything.'

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